Friday, August 26, 2011

Fall Fashion 2011 - Forever 21 Favorites

Floral tops with inspirational message

Nude booties with lace up ties

colorblock skirt
should i make a skirt like this? possible tutorial?

Leather bomber jacket with sherling

floral bodycon skirt

fun mix matching earrings stud set

crop sweaters

chiffon dresses for layering

soft feathery earrings

filagree rings

bow ring

leatherette jacket

tribal print (super colorful & fun)

chestnut colored booties

soft beautiful skin

Watch my August Favorites video

What are you favorite forever 21 pieces?
- Ally


  1. Hi Ally!I recently discovered your blog and youtube videos. I am so glad that a someone has the same passion for fashion as me. But I lacking courage to make that kind of blogs, so I concentrate my articles on psychological topics.
    But I very much support what you do and waiting for your new videos.
    P.S. You should definitely sewn colorblock skirt
    and ofcourse make a tutorial ;)

  2. I LOVE Forever21!!! In answer to your question, all of them! :)

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    Laura x

  3. I love F21 jewelry.
    It's fun to mix and match my earrings : )

    I hope you're doing well!

    Want to let you know I've moved from Beauty and a Budget to
    Please follow there!


  4. Great garments. Especially the bodycon floral skirt and the leather jacket.
    xx Brigita

  5. I love all of these. Floral just makes me think of spring! :)


  6. Hi Ally. I just watched your Youtube video, I love your idea to make the shirt into skirt without sewing!
    Haha my husband have many shirt that not use anymore so I think I will be able to use it.


  7. I love your blog and your style. Otherwise I am from Finland.<3<3

  8. So beautiful outfits and great collection. lovely pics.
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