Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Let yourself breathe deeply

Hey there!

Today I took a deep breath. I took in the fresh air, green grass, rolling hills, and the warm sun.

The grey fog dispersed and revealed a beautiful gem in the sky. I stared into the light blue sky and watched the clouds float by. I sat on the grass for the first time on campus. I should take more moments out of my day to go for a run on a beautiful trail, or do my homework on the lush green grass.

I received my Olay Professionals ProX cleansing tool. It is like a dupe of the Clarisonic face tool. A lot of people rave about how amazing the Clarisonic is but it isn't cheap. So I went on amazon and bought the Olay one for $23 bucks. I bought it because my sister had one and recommended it to me. It is a little rough at first but my skin feels silky smooth after. I definitely recommend it to anyone who doesn't have super sensitive skin and would like to try a face brush cleansing tool for a deeper clean. It claims to clean 6x better than manually cleansing with your hands. I definitely agree. I like using the Olay tool with the deep clean invigorating face wash.

Here is the link from Amazon:
I have a Prime account, so I bought the one with 2 day shipping free. The one that is out of stock also offers $3 dollars off.

The box
the face wash that came with the tool
the tool comes with 2 AA batteries
 The tool isn't too heavy which I like a lot.

Do you guys think I should do a review on this on Youtube?

-- Ally

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