Friday, April 15, 2011

April Favorite Clothes/Products

Hey guys!

I really miss making videos. I'm sorry that this year I've been so m.i.a, I feel like i've just been apologizing non-stop to you guys. If I could, I would be making sewing tutorials on how to make lace tops, cropped tops, and etc. Maybe during the summer when I'm home I could restart my sewing aspect of my channel! I can't wait!
Well I wanted to share with you guys my current favorite products for the month of April. Hopefully I will make the video tomorrow with a really nice camera. I'm so excited to make it because the quality is going to be AMAZING! i know it!
Lately I've been really into the whole blogger style look. I've been getting very inspired by I love browsing through the website and looking at styling photos! They're so much better than flipping through a magazine! If you don't know what it is, i highly recommend checking it out.

Chiffon Tops with lace details

Ethereal Cream Dresses

Candy Colors for Spring

Nail Polishes

OPI It's so hot it berns - a classic bright red color

OPI Do You Lilac it

Sandals from

I am so curious about these feather extensions. I've been seeing a lot of girls on campus wear them. I wonder where they got it and how to apply it. If you know, can you please comment it below?


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  1. don't blame yourself too much! but i'm looking forward to your next tutorial *~*

    ShuShu ♥