Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Golden Sails & Jewel Mint

Hey there everyone!

I love dressing up for the weekends. During school, all I want to do is lounge around in comfy clothes and I rarely have time in the mornings to dress up. It was a nice warm day out and I just spent the day hanging out with my bf and some of my friends. As for my look, I just put on this simple x back cotton dress and layered a flowy white top over the dress. The top has a ruched band so I cinched a leather belt over it. To complete the look, I paired the rings with my gold sandals. I was asked to help review their jewelry, so look out for that! I will be showing you how you can style your outfits around their pieces! Right now I am in love love love with their trinity ring set! It is such a cute yet simple ring set. The rings are separated by shape and they each have a small flower with a crystal in it. Jewelmint gave my viewers a 50% off code for their first purchase, here is the code if you are interested!

Promo Code: ally50

Rings: (Trinity Rings)
Dress: Forever 21, 2 years ago
Top: Wetseal - 2 years ago
Sandals -
Belt - Aeropostale
Nail Polish - OPI - It's so hot it berns
Small shoulder bag - Forever 21

Enjoy your day!
- Ally

Friday, April 15, 2011

April Favorite Clothes/Products

Hey guys!

I really miss making videos. I'm sorry that this year I've been so m.i.a, I feel like i've just been apologizing non-stop to you guys. If I could, I would be making sewing tutorials on how to make lace tops, cropped tops, and etc. Maybe during the summer when I'm home I could restart my sewing aspect of my channel! I can't wait!
Well I wanted to share with you guys my current favorite products for the month of April. Hopefully I will make the video tomorrow with a really nice camera. I'm so excited to make it because the quality is going to be AMAZING! i know it!
Lately I've been really into the whole blogger style look. I've been getting very inspired by I love browsing through the website and looking at styling photos! They're so much better than flipping through a magazine! If you don't know what it is, i highly recommend checking it out.

Chiffon Tops with lace details

Ethereal Cream Dresses

Candy Colors for Spring

Nail Polishes

OPI It's so hot it berns - a classic bright red color

OPI Do You Lilac it

Sandals from

I am so curious about these feather extensions. I've been seeing a lot of girls on campus wear them. I wonder where they got it and how to apply it. If you know, can you please comment it below?


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Let yourself breathe deeply

Hey there!

Today I took a deep breath. I took in the fresh air, green grass, rolling hills, and the warm sun.

The grey fog dispersed and revealed a beautiful gem in the sky. I stared into the light blue sky and watched the clouds float by. I sat on the grass for the first time on campus. I should take more moments out of my day to go for a run on a beautiful trail, or do my homework on the lush green grass.

I received my Olay Professionals ProX cleansing tool. It is like a dupe of the Clarisonic face tool. A lot of people rave about how amazing the Clarisonic is but it isn't cheap. So I went on amazon and bought the Olay one for $23 bucks. I bought it because my sister had one and recommended it to me. It is a little rough at first but my skin feels silky smooth after. I definitely recommend it to anyone who doesn't have super sensitive skin and would like to try a face brush cleansing tool for a deeper clean. It claims to clean 6x better than manually cleansing with your hands. I definitely agree. I like using the Olay tool with the deep clean invigorating face wash.

Here is the link from Amazon:
I have a Prime account, so I bought the one with 2 day shipping free. The one that is out of stock also offers $3 dollars off.

The box
the face wash that came with the tool
the tool comes with 2 AA batteries
 The tool isn't too heavy which I like a lot.

Do you guys think I should do a review on this on Youtube?

-- Ally

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools & Thrift Stores

Hey there!

Lately I've been dying to go thrift store shopping. I don't know what has overcome me! Maybe its from my roommate or the people I watch on Youtube. I'm going to create a Thrift Store haul fashion video for you guys soon! It was my second time going to a thrift store and it was so much fun! I think my stereotypes about how gross and dirty a thrift store is disappeared. It's more like a hidden treasure for those who seek it. I can't wait to take photos and post the video!

Any fun april fools pranks?
How will a pulp result?

 With care,