Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Update February: College vs High School Fashion

Dear blog readers and youtube subscribers,

Hey everyone! I wanted to give you guys an update on what I've been up to. Sorry that I have been neglecting my channel but I want you guys to understand that I take my grades seriously. This is my first year in college and i really had to focus on school work and keeping my grades up. Slowly I am coming back to my routine on Youtube. I have been working on making videos more frequently than I did at the beginning of my school year.

Video Ideas
I really want to make a video on college fashion vs. High school fashion. Ironically I think that in High School, I dressed up a lot more even though I was a lot younger back then. You would think that as you grow up, your fashion sense would change into a glamorous fashionista's closet with heels and cute dresses. On the contrary, in college a lot of students are very laid back. This is the point of view at my school. I noticed that girls here dress very casually and comfortably. People wear running clothes and work out clothes to class. I see a lot of baggy sweats, hoodies, and loose clothing. In college it's more about comfort. On the other hand, with makeup, I've noticed an increase in makeup. It's interesting seeing a very well made up girl in loose clothes. Haha it's all about feeling comfortable I guess :) I think that it is true because there is a lot of wilderness in my area. I am not sure if this is true for every campus but it is a trend that I've been noticing. No more heels during the day because trekking across a rocky dirt road or an uneven path in stilettos will be very dangerous. Fashion is not pain. It was just easier in HS when the school was small and I knew where I needed to walk to.

Well I am not saying that everyone is in sweats 247. At night, girls get dolled up for parties and going out. So there is a time and place to get dressed up. In high school I noticed that everyone was dressed up all the time. This difference may be true just because I came from a big city and now I'm in a smaller town.

Regardless about what you wear or when you wear, I want you guys to know that fashion should make you feel good. It should represent who you are and your creative artistic abilities. Have fun with what you have and mix it up!

PS: Happy Early Lunar New Years (Feb 3, 2011)

With Love,

Asian Fashion