Friday, August 26, 2011

Fall Fashion 2011 - Forever 21 Favorites

Floral tops with inspirational message

Nude booties with lace up ties

colorblock skirt
should i make a skirt like this? possible tutorial?

Leather bomber jacket with sherling

floral bodycon skirt

fun mix matching earrings stud set

crop sweaters

chiffon dresses for layering

soft feathery earrings

filagree rings

bow ring

leatherette jacket

tribal print (super colorful & fun)

chestnut colored booties

soft beautiful skin

Watch my August Favorites video

What are you favorite forever 21 pieces?
- Ally

Friday, August 12, 2011

August Update + Sneak Peek Video

Hey everyone!

I realized that I have seriously neglected my blog. But I'm back with a update. I'm feeling really happy because I still have a month and half before school starts. Without a doubt, school is going to be extremely stressful and I will have to put Youtube on the shelf again. I won't have a lot of time to make videos and I will mainly try to focus on studying, which is why I am posting like crazy these days! Haha, hopefully you guys aren't sick of me yet, but then again you're here reading my blog .. :)

Let's see what do I have lined up that I want to film for you guys:
- Back to School Shopping on a Budget
- a few thrift store hauls
- Howto Top Knot Bun w/ a special tool
- review (because a lot of you had questions)
- possibly howto make a bandage skirt, but I haven't decided yet.

Sneak peek tutorial

(i'm wearing a top from express; setting sun from jewelmint which i've been loving; bun tool)

Fashion Trends I've been loving lately
- Pastel colors (for jeans or anything really)
- chiffon/silk or sheer pleated skirts
- button ups or shirts with lots of buttons
- preppy blazers
- loose sheer tops
- small cross body bags

Oh and I've been spotting this top every where! Kathleen has it from and I just keep seeing it! lol here it is again! I love how every store has their own name for it...

Purchase here for $6.76

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!
- Ally

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Golden Sails & Jewel Mint

Hey there everyone!

I love dressing up for the weekends. During school, all I want to do is lounge around in comfy clothes and I rarely have time in the mornings to dress up. It was a nice warm day out and I just spent the day hanging out with my bf and some of my friends. As for my look, I just put on this simple x back cotton dress and layered a flowy white top over the dress. The top has a ruched band so I cinched a leather belt over it. To complete the look, I paired the rings with my gold sandals. I was asked to help review their jewelry, so look out for that! I will be showing you how you can style your outfits around their pieces! Right now I am in love love love with their trinity ring set! It is such a cute yet simple ring set. The rings are separated by shape and they each have a small flower with a crystal in it. Jewelmint gave my viewers a 50% off code for their first purchase, here is the code if you are interested!

Promo Code: ally50

Rings: (Trinity Rings)
Dress: Forever 21, 2 years ago
Top: Wetseal - 2 years ago
Sandals -
Belt - Aeropostale
Nail Polish - OPI - It's so hot it berns
Small shoulder bag - Forever 21

Enjoy your day!
- Ally

Friday, April 15, 2011

April Favorite Clothes/Products

Hey guys!

I really miss making videos. I'm sorry that this year I've been so m.i.a, I feel like i've just been apologizing non-stop to you guys. If I could, I would be making sewing tutorials on how to make lace tops, cropped tops, and etc. Maybe during the summer when I'm home I could restart my sewing aspect of my channel! I can't wait!
Well I wanted to share with you guys my current favorite products for the month of April. Hopefully I will make the video tomorrow with a really nice camera. I'm so excited to make it because the quality is going to be AMAZING! i know it!
Lately I've been really into the whole blogger style look. I've been getting very inspired by I love browsing through the website and looking at styling photos! They're so much better than flipping through a magazine! If you don't know what it is, i highly recommend checking it out.

Chiffon Tops with lace details

Ethereal Cream Dresses

Candy Colors for Spring

Nail Polishes

OPI It's so hot it berns - a classic bright red color

OPI Do You Lilac it

Sandals from

I am so curious about these feather extensions. I've been seeing a lot of girls on campus wear them. I wonder where they got it and how to apply it. If you know, can you please comment it below?


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Let yourself breathe deeply

Hey there!

Today I took a deep breath. I took in the fresh air, green grass, rolling hills, and the warm sun.

The grey fog dispersed and revealed a beautiful gem in the sky. I stared into the light blue sky and watched the clouds float by. I sat on the grass for the first time on campus. I should take more moments out of my day to go for a run on a beautiful trail, or do my homework on the lush green grass.

I received my Olay Professionals ProX cleansing tool. It is like a dupe of the Clarisonic face tool. A lot of people rave about how amazing the Clarisonic is but it isn't cheap. So I went on amazon and bought the Olay one for $23 bucks. I bought it because my sister had one and recommended it to me. It is a little rough at first but my skin feels silky smooth after. I definitely recommend it to anyone who doesn't have super sensitive skin and would like to try a face brush cleansing tool for a deeper clean. It claims to clean 6x better than manually cleansing with your hands. I definitely agree. I like using the Olay tool with the deep clean invigorating face wash.

Here is the link from Amazon:
I have a Prime account, so I bought the one with 2 day shipping free. The one that is out of stock also offers $3 dollars off.

The box
the face wash that came with the tool
the tool comes with 2 AA batteries
 The tool isn't too heavy which I like a lot.

Do you guys think I should do a review on this on Youtube?

-- Ally

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools & Thrift Stores

Hey there!

Lately I've been dying to go thrift store shopping. I don't know what has overcome me! Maybe its from my roommate or the people I watch on Youtube. I'm going to create a Thrift Store haul fashion video for you guys soon! It was my second time going to a thrift store and it was so much fun! I think my stereotypes about how gross and dirty a thrift store is disappeared. It's more like a hidden treasure for those who seek it. I can't wait to take photos and post the video!

Any fun april fools pranks?
How will a pulp result?

 With care,

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Update February: College vs High School Fashion

Dear blog readers and youtube subscribers,

Hey everyone! I wanted to give you guys an update on what I've been up to. Sorry that I have been neglecting my channel but I want you guys to understand that I take my grades seriously. This is my first year in college and i really had to focus on school work and keeping my grades up. Slowly I am coming back to my routine on Youtube. I have been working on making videos more frequently than I did at the beginning of my school year.

Video Ideas
I really want to make a video on college fashion vs. High school fashion. Ironically I think that in High School, I dressed up a lot more even though I was a lot younger back then. You would think that as you grow up, your fashion sense would change into a glamorous fashionista's closet with heels and cute dresses. On the contrary, in college a lot of students are very laid back. This is the point of view at my school. I noticed that girls here dress very casually and comfortably. People wear running clothes and work out clothes to class. I see a lot of baggy sweats, hoodies, and loose clothing. In college it's more about comfort. On the other hand, with makeup, I've noticed an increase in makeup. It's interesting seeing a very well made up girl in loose clothes. Haha it's all about feeling comfortable I guess :) I think that it is true because there is a lot of wilderness in my area. I am not sure if this is true for every campus but it is a trend that I've been noticing. No more heels during the day because trekking across a rocky dirt road or an uneven path in stilettos will be very dangerous. Fashion is not pain. It was just easier in HS when the school was small and I knew where I needed to walk to.

Well I am not saying that everyone is in sweats 247. At night, girls get dolled up for parties and going out. So there is a time and place to get dressed up. In high school I noticed that everyone was dressed up all the time. This difference may be true just because I came from a big city and now I'm in a smaller town.

Regardless about what you wear or when you wear, I want you guys to know that fashion should make you feel good. It should represent who you are and your creative artistic abilities. Have fun with what you have and mix it up!

PS: Happy Early Lunar New Years (Feb 3, 2011)

With Love,

Asian Fashion