Monday, April 12, 2010

Fashion of the Week - Pale Spring Yellows

Episode 1 - Spring Pale Yellows Embedding this soon

Top(A similar one)
Dark Grey Pea Coat - Forever 21
Grey Jacket - H&M (2 years ago)
Skinny Jeans - Forever 21 (must get, very stretchable only 9.50!)
Yellow Tank - Ambiance
Pashmina Scarf - it was a gift
Boots -
Purse - Hong Kong

Best Makeup Review Website

Quite honestly guys, if you are ever in doubt about buying a makeup product or any cosmetic related product, go check out this website, MakeupAlley. (its even cooler because it has my name in it ** wink jk) If you haven't already heard about it, its a website that offers reviews on any product you can think of ( unless its such a small company or ebay, they will most likely have a review on it). I find it very helpful & you get a lot of unbias opinions! Sometimes you may feel youtube is giving you a mixed message, you can look it up here! Only con is you have to sign up as a member to read the reviews! Its really helpful!

- Ally

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Trends List + Update

Spring Fashion Trends:

Strong Working Women, Ultra-Femme, Vintage, Nautical

Blazers (Boyfriend Blazers, Tunic Length, Shoulder Pads)
Embellished clothes (lace, pin on tulle, studs, sequins, etc)
Pale / Nude / Sherbet colors (soft pink, pale yellow, flesh tones, baby blues)
Floral Print (on skirts, on accessories)
Lace (Skirts, Tops, Leggings, Accessories)
Stripes (thin white with navy or black)
Braided Hair (Boho styled, loose)

Here are a few prom dresses that I thought looked gorgeous!! - Coral Prom Dress - UK
I love love love chiffon dresses! I think they are so gorgeous and fairytale like. - Meadow Aqua Chiffon Gown - UK
This is another gorgeous gown that I found online! I think if this came in another color like lavendar, I would be in love!

Foreverunique.come - Linda Ivory - Coral taffeta mini dress with puffball skirt and gold handwork on the bodice by Forever Unique.

Another gorgeous dress but this time from Forever 21. I am in love with these types of skirts. It gives a lot of volume and I love the detail in it! I saw a similar one at charlotte russe for about 18 dollars for a light pale blue one. I should have bought it!

This is a lovely blazer that is on sale now at for 13.99! If you are in need of a blazer, I think this is a pretty nice one :)
Necklace from Forever 21, I always wanted a shell necklace

I am glad I get to go off on my own & live :) My prom is coming up in about 2 ish months and I still haven't figured out what to wear yet. But I really hope to have it all figured out by the end of this month! Shoes, dress, date and all ! I hope that it will be at a nice location b.c last years was just alright. Its getting really late and I really want to go jogging tomorrow..

- Ally

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Music for the Soul

I definitely need music sometimes. It helps me get through tough times, silent boring moments, and when I need inspiration. :) beats for the car & more. i love grooveshark, if you've never heard of it, its a website where you can listen to music for free. easy to navigate and trustable, its not illegal! :)