Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My favorite places to shop

I was walking around the mall the other day and I thought, hrmm I have been neglecting my blog! I wanted to share my favorite places to shop, online and in store. What are your favorite stores?

If I saw these stores, I would definitely go in.

- Forever 21
- Charlotte Russe
- H&M
- A 'gaci
- Target
- Ross
- Marshalls
- Wetseal (sometimes)

 Affordable & Cute Online Shopping
- Go Jane:

- Cutesygirl:
- Makemechic:
- Pink Ice:
- ToFebruary:

Fun to look at but is too pricey sometimes
American Eagle -
Asos -
Top Shop -
Zara -

Cute blazer I saw at AE, I wonder if it will ever go on sale ..

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  1. Thanks for all the websites!
    that blazer is really cute!