Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eyeliner 101

When I was younger, I was not a big fan of eyeliner. Especially with my small eyes, black eyeliner seem to make my eyes appear smaller. Also, I would have those huge black raccoon eyes because I would use the cheap stuff from wet & wild that was 99 cents. So I just avoided it all together.

So a couple years later, and watching probably a thousand of makeup videos (sadly), I understand eyeliner a lot more. So I've finally started branching out to trying different types of liners.

My current favorite is the Physician's Formula Felt-Tip Marker Eyeliner! Its so pigmented and easy to remove at the same time. I heard that it dries out quickly!! i hope that doesn't happen to mine!

Gel Liner
(Loreal HIP Gel Liner in True Black)
- great with a brush
- gives intense define line
- hard to remove
-smudges like crazy if you have watery eyes
- do not use on your lower lash line! It will smudge!

Kohl Liner
( wet&wild )
- easy to smudge
- easy to get raccoon eyes
- very hard to stay put
- messy looking
- removes okay
- very affordable price

Twisty Eyeliner (Crayon)
(Revlon Colorstay in Black)
- Easy to remove
- pigmentation is okay
- hard to apply even lines
- smudges easily
- okay for lower lash line if set with eyeshadow
- removes okay

Liquid Eyeliner
- hard to apply
- very pigmented
- intensely black
- great for thin and thick lines

Felt tip Marker liners
( Physician's Formula Felt tip marker eyeliner )
- Very easy to apply
- dries out quickly
- very easy to remove
- very pigmented

Products I want to try: 
L'Oreal • Carbon Black Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid
 Wet 'n' Wild • H2O Proof Felt Tip Liquid Liner

Whats your favorite eyeliner?

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