Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eyeliner 101

When I was younger, I was not a big fan of eyeliner. Especially with my small eyes, black eyeliner seem to make my eyes appear smaller. Also, I would have those huge black raccoon eyes because I would use the cheap stuff from wet & wild that was 99 cents. So I just avoided it all together.

So a couple years later, and watching probably a thousand of makeup videos (sadly), I understand eyeliner a lot more. So I've finally started branching out to trying different types of liners.

My current favorite is the Physician's Formula Felt-Tip Marker Eyeliner! Its so pigmented and easy to remove at the same time. I heard that it dries out quickly!! i hope that doesn't happen to mine!

Gel Liner
(Loreal HIP Gel Liner in True Black)
- great with a brush
- gives intense define line
- hard to remove
-smudges like crazy if you have watery eyes
- do not use on your lower lash line! It will smudge!

Kohl Liner
( wet&wild )
- easy to smudge
- easy to get raccoon eyes
- very hard to stay put
- messy looking
- removes okay
- very affordable price

Twisty Eyeliner (Crayon)
(Revlon Colorstay in Black)
- Easy to remove
- pigmentation is okay
- hard to apply even lines
- smudges easily
- okay for lower lash line if set with eyeshadow
- removes okay

Liquid Eyeliner
- hard to apply
- very pigmented
- intensely black
- great for thin and thick lines

Felt tip Marker liners
( Physician's Formula Felt tip marker eyeliner )
- Very easy to apply
- dries out quickly
- very easy to remove
- very pigmented

Products I want to try: 
L'Oreal • Carbon Black Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid
 Wet 'n' Wild • H2O Proof Felt Tip Liquid Liner

Whats your favorite eyeliner?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 Review

Hey Everyone!
For my back to school fashion video, I was able to show you the hottest trends through They sent me some clothes for review considerations. So I wanted to share with you my opinion about this website from sizing, quality, price, and shipping.

I am a size medium and I like wearing my clothes a little loose and not skin tight.
Compared to, the size medium is smaller and better fitting.
Compared to medium it is bigger.
Compared to Forever 21, it is about the same.
Jackets in size medium fits perfectly
Tops in size medium fits a little loose but to my liking.
Dresses in size small fits best, medium would be too loose.
Shoes (I'm a size 8.5) - Size 9 for rain boots, Size 8.5 for boots/closed toed shoes, size 8 for gladiators/sandals.

The quality is pretty much the same as every online store that I have worked with or bought from. Some of their clothes varies in quality. Their jackets are constructed well and I really like them. Make sure you read what material the clothes is made out of. I didn't expect one of the jackets to be made out of cotton. The dresses are similar quality to Forever 21. The fabric is okay on some of the tops, remember you get what you pay for. I haven't had the chance to wash any of their clothes yet. Their shoes are exactly the same as, and they last about 1/2 year if you wear them practically everyday or even 1 1/2 years like another pair that I own. I love their rainboots and boots! They really stay on top of trends and their clothing is very stylish.

So far I have noticed that their shoes are more affordable than most online stores. I love that they have such a wide selection of clothes and shoes. Their clothes are also very affordable and easy on the wallet. I love how certain items come with a belt! Those are the most versatile items.

Photos vs. Products
The actual clothes look just as good in person. I really one of the newer models, I think she does a really good job at selling the clothes. Make sure you read what material the clothes is made out of so you know what to expect. They have a very detailed description below the pictures. I love how detailed the photos are because I like seeing things up close.

Everything came neatly packaged in a box or a plastic bag. The shipping was through Fedex. They offer free shipping over $50 for US residents. On average it takes about 2-10 days. Great customer service.

I think they have a lot of potential to grow! Just like and how they became extremely popular on youtube. Since makemechic offers a lot of affordable and similar styles at lower prices, I think a lot of you guys will like this website. I really like the boots that I have, they're flat so they're ultra comfortable and perfect for school. Their clothes are very wearable for school and very fashion forward. I'm excited to see what they come out with every week because they constantly update their store. The only con is that their inventory runs out really fast. So if you like something, they might have sold out on your size.

Shop Make Me Chic

Discount Code for 10% Off
Use the code "lx3lally" during checkout for a discount :)

More questions, or comments, check out my video showing these clothes. Or post them below

Yours Truly,

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My favorite places to shop

I was walking around the mall the other day and I thought, hrmm I have been neglecting my blog! I wanted to share my favorite places to shop, online and in store. What are your favorite stores?

If I saw these stores, I would definitely go in.

- Forever 21
- Charlotte Russe
- H&M
- A 'gaci
- Target
- Ross
- Marshalls
- Wetseal (sometimes)

 Affordable & Cute Online Shopping
- Go Jane:

- Cutesygirl:
- Makemechic:
- Pink Ice:
- ToFebruary:

Fun to look at but is too pricey sometimes
American Eagle -
Asos -
Top Shop -
Zara -

Cute blazer I saw at AE, I wonder if it will ever go on sale ..