Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Forever 21 Haul

Hey guys :) my sister took back her camera the other day so I can't film any videos anytime soon. Not unless I fix my old camera or use my really bad camcorder. The quality on the camcorder really sucks so I don't really want to use it. Lol I look really pale and grey with that cam, i don't know why.

This dress/tunic was $13.50! I'm so short that it works as a dress. Haha I would hate to look like i'm wearing a shirt without pants, but trust me it works :) I'm undecided if I should keep it because I got a size small. The bust area is kind of tight but a medium would just fall off. Hrmm ....

Today after work I decided to go shopping! Haha honestly haven't treated myself in awhile! No lie. I went to forever 21 and picked up 3 tops and a cute cream colored dress. Whoever put cream and brown together is a genius! I just love those colors in an outfit. So I bought a purple blue t-shirt top with ruffles that go down the front. Its not too low cut so I really like it for everyday and possibly work! I also got a mauve fabulous finds chiffon and jersey tank top. I like the color, its very feminine. The last top is a grey jersey loose fitted tee. It has a picture of an owl and parts of the wing has gold foil on it! Its very comfortable and relaxed looking :) something I don't have. I bought a cream colored fabulous finds smock dress. It has brown and cream colored strings on the bust area. It has pockets on the side. If you layer a top over it, it looks like you're wearing a flowing cream colored high waisted skirt! Everything is very versatile. I really want to film a haul soon! And a summer fashion video before it turns fall. Haha I think I'll combine it again since its foggy still where I live. I hope you all are enjoying your summers! Have fun and share some stories, I'm really bored right now! :)