Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flats are dangerous footwear

Yesterday was the second time I wore flats this year. It was a big mistake because they gave me a very painful foot blister. If you don't know what a blister is, it is a fluid filled sac caused by heat and/or friction. When girls wear flats, they often don't wear socks with them. Not wearing socks can cause a lot of friction between your feet and your shoes. The skin on your feet can rub on the plastic or fabric of the flats.

I remember when flats became the new "in" type of footwear, I was surprised. I didn't understand how girls wore shoes without socks. My feet got swollen, sweaty, red, and sometimes even smelly. Its the truth that girls sometimes do anything to look fashionable. I think I just missed the days of looking cute in tennis shoes (not that cute sometimes). Plus, flats often did not give my feet a lot of support. They are very flimsy and thin and do not absorb shock. I went out and purchased socks for my flats (which were really expensive when they first came out, and some foot gels like doctor scholls). Overtime I just gave up the whole idea of wearing flats and switched the boots. Boots allow me to look cute and feel comfortable. I just love my socks too much.

My feet have always made me feel insecure. I'm a size 8.5 and I'm only 5"2.5 without shoes on. I think I was meant to grow taller but I didn't drink my milk in my teens. So I'm just stuck as a petite girl. Anyhoos, I come to the conclusion that I don't think I'll wear flats for a long long time. I'll just stick to sandals and boots and flip flops!

- Ally

I found these earrings at Forever 21, they look exactly like a dupe for the RissyJewels bow earrings that I own. These are only $3.80, but they do not have sterling silver posts. I wanted to tweet them, but the link is too long.

Some more cute things I saw online ..




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    love the shoes.<3

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  3. I do agree about the discomfort when wearing flats...I also love wearing socks..I wear my flats with closed leggings so that I still have foot cover hehe :)

  4. cute picks! new follower.