Friday, March 12, 2010

Jaw Clicking

Today I woke up in a relaxed state. I felt  so rested and comfortable in bed. I think its time for me to get a new bed because I was sleeping in my sisters new mattress. My old box spring is squeeky and hard, haha its time to throw away that kiddy bed. Suddenly I felt a horrible pain in my mouth. My jaw started to click. From the sound of it, i thought my jaw cracked. So i hurried to my computer to look up what was going on to my jaw. Its called Jaw Clicking. "One muscle pulls one way, another pulls in an opposite direction or doesn't move at all—and your jaw clicks. Jaw clicking is very common, dentists say. The only reason it's so annoyingly noticeable is that it's right next to your ear. Sometimes jaw clicking comes along with other symptoms—such as headaches, neck pain, stiffness or difficulty opening and closing the mouth."
The only thing I can do is wait with time, or get a mouth guard.
So I just feel really terrible right now. I'm starving and I can't really open my mouth to eat. I read online that I should try to relieve the pain by not putting so much pressure and strength on that part of my mouth. So I should avoid chewing gum, eatting tough food, and relaxing my jaw. I think I should just stick to wearing my retainers at night. That way I won't have to worry so much about waking up with my jaw misaligned. :[

On a happier note, I just finished editing a  HUGE COOL VIDEO! Its a huge collective/collaborative video of all the fashion videos I have ever done. (or most of which was saved on my computer for editing) Its basically 50 looks in 5 minutes. I hope that it will inspire you guys when you feel like you don't know what to wear for the day. I really encourage anyone who has a fashion video to share it by posting it as a video response. Or you can post tips in the comment section! I think it would be a really helpful way for girls who need some inspiration! It was a lot of fun to edit! I wanted to cram a lot more in there but I couldn't find some of my older videos like my Back to School Fashion or the Skinny Jeans video! Again, you guys don't know how much fun it has been being on youtube. I feel like I have met a lot of fun people & you guys have greatly increased my confidence level. If you guys haven't noticed, in the beginning of my videos back in last august, I used to talk with a LOT of pauses. Now words just flow more smoothly and naturally. Like bubz said in her newest inspirational video, it is awkward at first because you're talking to a camera alone in a room. But over time it becomes something more natural. If anyone needs help working on their speaking skills, then youtube is very helpful. Hope you all had a wonderful day. I really want to add a few new items to my boutique but my sister took off with the camera for the week. I'll update you guys when I do add new things! OH and also if anyone knows how to transfer videos from a camcorder please tell me! I recorded it on a tape but I don't have a clue or a DV wire to transfer it. Why doesn't a USB work ?

 (Yummy Lobster Bisque)

- Ally 


  1. ..Hey ally!

    You look so gorgeous in that dress! :))

    You're my inspiration, keep filming! :))

    ..with love


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