Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fashion Report: Week March 21-27

 So I've decided to do a fashion report for you guys! Filling out what I wore for the week since I want to share but don't have a working camera! Tell me what you guys think of the plan? Wish I had pictures to show! Oh yeah and I think I potentially found my prom dress!YEEEAH Its a vera wang plum dress, so excited! It has a really long train on the back. I need to alter it a ton but I'm in love! I still have some major deciding to do!

Lilac Cardigan - Zara
Cream Burn Out Top with Flowy Sleeves - Wetseal
Teal Blue Ribbed Tank - Anchor Blue
Faded Denim Jeans(so old) - Forever 21
Ankle Boots Cognac Colored with buckle on the side -
Hair - Down with a Poof

Stopped by Forever 21 today and picked up two things! I love them!
Forever 21 Fabulous Finds 9.50 Jeans, got them in a size 27, fits perfectly. I think they might fade onto my skin on the first 2 wears :\ It happened last time!

and I also picked up a bow necklace which I can't find a picture of! I love it because you can adjust the length however long you want it! Well I'm gonna go now!
- Ally

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