Monday, February 8, 2010

DIY: Foaming Soap

So lately I've been in love with bath&body work's foaming antibacterial hand soaps! They smell so yummy and the foaming is great. The foam and the friction between your hands is actually want removes the bacteria, nothing really "kills" it. (I learned that from the hospital, haha and it took me 17 years to realize that one!) So I was thinking about it the other day, I always wondered if you could reuse the containers from bath&body works to make your own foaming soap. So I Googled "reuse bath and body work foaming soap" and it actually came up! I'm truly in love! I have tried to open the container before, but I noticed that I could use a kitchen glove to open it. So for the ingredients to make the soap is, like 1 inch of soap and fill the rest of the container with water! It works great and saves a lot of money. Buying one of those foaming dispensers actually cost up to $10-$20 for a stainless steel one. But if you just buy one from bath&body works or buy them when they're on sale, they're actually only $3. Great huh? Have fun making some foaming soaps!

Link to where I found this information!

- Ally


  1. how awkward! I have been thinking the same thing as well lately! WE think alike!! I spent $30 bucks on just those anti-bacterial soaps! haha. I know, I am obsessed with the smells

  2. Cool post!! Thanks for sharing this, I'm def gonna try ^_^