Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Lunar New Year Day!

Happy Valentines Day everyone & Happy Lunar New Years! I hope that you all are having a fun romantic day or a comfy day with your family. I was laughing because someone called valentine's day, National Single Awareness day! I think today is just a cute day is dedicated to spending time with your special someone or with the people you love, it doesn't necessarily have to be your boyfriend or girlfriend. So I wanted to share with you guys a couple of pictures from my family dinner last night because the food was amazing! My mom and dad spent a few hours in the kitchen cooking this big feast. So my sister just told me that there is a pillow fight going on in my city tonight at 6! It sounds like a lot of fun but I would rather not get hit with 10 random pillows by strangers! Haha you never know where the pillow came from or who could end up being behind you! Scary fun!


Oh yeah and i finished reading Dear John. Quite frankly it was a regular chick flick type book. The ending was quite disappointing for me because it left little to yearn for or to think about. Now i'm not sure if I want to watch the movie anymore because I don't know how different it could be from the book. (SPOILERS AHEAD) It was one of those girl meets boy who saves her. Boy falls in love with girl. Boy leaves for a few years but the girl promises to write to him. Girl gets anxious and is sad because he is gone for such a long period of time. Boy comes back but leaves again soon. Girl sends letter that says she fell in love with someone else. Boy's father suddenly falls ill and ends up dying. Girl's new husband is sick so she feels guilty and stuck with him forever. Boy is still in love with the girl and decides that true love is making sacrafices for the ones you love. So he donates a bunch of money and the book ends with him watching her from a distance and she is still with her husband, but secretly is still in love with the boy. Lol the end! I liked the beginning but the ending was not satisfying!

Coming Soon on Youtube...

I updated my store and added these new things!
** New Pan Eyeshadows in luscious spring colors!
** New Earrings
** New Sweater Tights!
We're having a promotion right now, we're giving away a Free pair of earrings with a purchase of any dress!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for shopping at my store! I have received some of the nicest emails and the sweetest comments. I truly am honored! Thank you

- Ally

Monday, February 8, 2010

DIY: Foaming Soap

So lately I've been in love with bath&body work's foaming antibacterial hand soaps! They smell so yummy and the foaming is great. The foam and the friction between your hands is actually want removes the bacteria, nothing really "kills" it. (I learned that from the hospital, haha and it took me 17 years to realize that one!) So I was thinking about it the other day, I always wondered if you could reuse the containers from bath&body works to make your own foaming soap. So I Googled "reuse bath and body work foaming soap" and it actually came up! I'm truly in love! I have tried to open the container before, but I noticed that I could use a kitchen glove to open it. So for the ingredients to make the soap is, like 1 inch of soap and fill the rest of the container with water! It works great and saves a lot of money. Buying one of those foaming dispensers actually cost up to $10-$20 for a stainless steel one. But if you just buy one from bath&body works or buy them when they're on sale, they're actually only $3. Great huh? Have fun making some foaming soaps!

Link to where I found this information!

- Ally

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Glam Boutique Update/ My must watch television

Making videos lately have not been as satisfying as before. I don't know why it doesn't make me happy right now. Arg moving onto something really random. TELEVISION! Okay, i have to admit to you guys right now that I am a complete tv addict! I used to watch hours and hours of tv as a kid. and the funny thing is that I don't even have cable! So you might be wondering, what the heck is she watching? Now a days, since everything is recorded online, I watch most of my tv online. So I just want to run through my must watch shows throughout the week. I was debating if I should do this in a video or on my blog. I realized that I would much rather write it on my blog where it feels a little less critical and less in the public eye.

Desperate Housewives

Bachelor ( Jake )
Gossip Girl
One Tree Hill
Secret Life of The American Teenager( I don't like it as much anymore


Ugly Betty

Greys Anatomy
Private Practice ( sometimes )
Project Runway

Wow so thats about 10-11 hours of tv, not counting the commercials! But I honestly must watch the bachelor, project runway, desperate housewives, and oth. I am watching project runway right now, and they have the campbell soup challenge! I don't have a favorite yet, but i'm sure I will later on! It makes me crave some soup right now. Wow thats a really good advertising strategy! But my heart is stuck to progresso, I love that stuff. Thats going to be me at college 247, progresso chicken noodle soup!

Update on my store! Glam Boutique
We added a ton of new formal dresses, casual summer dresses, and makeup!
Red Blossoms - Size Small - $14
LBD - Size Small - $18
Fierce Cheetah - Size Medium - $17
Sultry Fire - Size Medium - $19
Wedding Bells - Size Medium/Large - $20

Electric Blue - Size Small - $20
Greek Goddess - Size Small - $18

Turquoise Island - Size Small - $14

So that is what I added to the store today. Check out our store for more updates & click on this link to browse around.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


My sister and I went to Pacific Catch and she fell in love with this Poke bowl! haha she had to call her bf, best friend, and fb about how amazing it was! and if you wondered if she went back today, SHE DID! haha she decided to head back to order another one. This is just half of one which was about $15 bucks for a huge bowl.

This is a picture of the yummy deliciousness that my sister and I made. Its a bruschetta made from chopped up tomatoes, basil, onions, garlic, olive oil, on a thin slice of french bread. Its such a cute hor'derves ( for valentines day maybe? :) )Well on valentines day, I'm going to be celebratiing Chinese New Years. I'm excited to walk down Chinatown and check out the excitement in the city. So yummyy, i'm hungry looking at my picture.

Gold Chains/Bare Shoulder Black Dress - $15 Brand New ** Party Dress Page

Black and Lilac Halter Floral print dress - $16 ** Formal Dress Page
Long Satin gown embellished with crystals - $45 ** Formal Dress Page

Just click the link above and you can purchase it on our site. We uploaded a couple of new dresses onto our website. Its sort of like a blog sale. So if anyone is interested, you guys should check it out now. :) this whole store thing is kind of a blast!

 Hope you all had a fun happy day!

- Ally