Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vacationing in Thailand

Today is a new day, unlike any other day.
School just feels different, probably because of the schedule change, but it could also be the change in people. There are a lot more seniors in my classes, people that I used to just casually pass by in the hallways, unnoticed. Now I have them sitting near me, slightly unbearable but still there. Its all a new feeling. I'm eatting a costco chicken bake. I'll try not to digress too much, and to stick to the main point of this blog. My day feels so much longer now, going from physics being my first class and turning it into my afternoon class. Plus, now I have swimming to think about. I'm pretty excited about it just because I really want to learn. Let me share with you one of my near death/ vacation experiences.
Thailand - Pataya / Bangkok

So I was feeling ambitious as the medium sized motor boat parked in a shaded lagoon area. I saw the lush trees covering the grey mountains. I noticed the clear blue sky and the single bright spot up above burning away at my pale skin. I dip my feet in the water, unprepared for the cold sensation. I decided to head in without a life jacket and just snorkling goggles. I actually cannot swim, I don't know if it was my ego that told me that I could but, I just went for me. My whole family got into the water. We were traveling with a family friend and her daughter. She looked kind. We both headed in the water. After a mere one minute after being in the water, I began to panic when I took off my goggles. I couldn't tread and the girl next to me couldn't either. We both began to scream for help as I swallowed salty water. The girl panicked and grabbed my neck and leaned against my shoulders. She was trying to use my body to keep her afloat. Boy, was i in trouble.... I was soo mad at her because I kept bobbing up and down in the water. My dad finally pulled her away from me and yelled the crap out of me for not taking a life vest. Even he, as experienced as he is took a life vest. Yeah thats the thing about traveling in a foreign country, they don't exactly warn you about the dangers of petting a tiger, or jumping into a lagoon, or riding an elephant, rolling down a hill in a huge plastic ball, riding dirt bikes/ motorcycles without a license, parasailing, watching people play with crocodiles, eatting food that has been sitting out in the 90 degree heat, and riding in a tiny motor boat against strong ocean currents. IT WAS AMAZING THOUGHT!! hahaha I know I'm slightly crazy for doing all those things, but I felt so alive doing them. 

- Ally 


  1. awesome! i can't swim either btw *hahaha* when i went snorkeling in the bahamas i had to get out of the ocean because i found out i get motion sickness! i lose my balance and can't move...i have to be dragged hahahaha

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