Saturday, January 16, 2010

Upcoming Youtube Videos/ My Dental Experience

(the tube top I want to do a tutorial on)

 ( I found this picture of Taylor Swift from People.Com and Wow I love her dress!! I want to wear this to prom, and I bet it would be one show stopper! )

( Here is the photo that I entered into the brickfish scholarship competition! I am currently 9th place, which is crazy! I entered a month after the people who are ahead of me! I know that I only made it so far because of my youtube subscribers! you guys don't know how much you have done for me. I am just greatful to know that so many people watch my videos and support me. Thank you for blessing me with such luck and fortune. Voting ends in 2 days so if you have the time, I would appreciate a vote or a review!

I'm watching Lady Gaga's interview on Oprah! Lady Gaga seems so genuine and her style is always so extreme. She is truly admiral for believing in what she does and recreating her fantasies!

So here is my line up for new videos!
- everyday eye makeup tutorial, what I wear to school everyday ( if i had the time :)
- purple/black bow sequin top
- how to sew a sequin bow (accessory)
- a foundation routine ft. everyday minerals (its for special occasions because I don't wear foundation everyday)
- Beverly Lane Haul
- Tulip Tube Top Tutorial
- Zipper accented T-shirt tutorial
- Ambush Makeover Show
- D.I.Y. Rose Zipper Headband/ Zipper Bow

             Today I went to a new dentist in the sunset district. The first thing that i noticed about this office was the amazing body shop tangerine smell. The secretary sitting at the front desk was extremely friendly to me and my dad. She actually remembers his name and who he is, and he came a week ago. At my last dentist, they were not that friendly. Oh sometimes he would talk to me occasionally, but I always felt like they were cheating me of my insurance money. But at my new office, they made me feel very welcome. So the dentist greeted me and led me to my seat in a very nice area that was like a cubical. There was a really nice high tec computer to my right and the room was a beige and light green color. Suddenly the dental assistant without warning stuck a foam piece filled with fluoride into my mouth. I was so surprised because I had no clue what the heck she just stuck into my mouth. I sat there with this white thing in my mouth for 5 mins before someone came by to tell me what was going on. She explained to me that it would strengthen my teeth before the cleaning. And she offered me a magazine to read while I waited 20 mins or so. She ironically brought me the magazine i was reading in the waiting room and a Gentlemen's Quarterly magazine. haha so conflicting, but funny. When it came time to actually clean, he offered me lip balm for my chapped lips! WHICH IS AMAZING. they are actually ranked one of the top dental offices in my city. lol now i see why. The whole cleaning process was pretty painful and he recommended that i floss more often. That feeling of the needle like cleaner inbetween my gums and my teeth really hurt. He asked about where I go to school, and what I plan to be in the future. you know that kind of small talk adults like to ask teens. When i was done, he brushed on this purple gunk and told me to rinse it out. He left me a very darling clear package zip up with a mini tooth brush, floss, instructional card, and his business card. My teeth had that gross bloody feeling but my teeth felt super SMOOTH i might add. I just wish there was a mirror so I could see why all the people at the office were smiling at me.

        My dad and I left and went to safeway. At safeway we bought a ton of progresso chicken noodle soup because it was on sale for a dollar. yay i love that soup, i eat it for breakfast every single morning! We ventured out to a nearby dim sum place and selected from yummy dumplings. It was actually just okay compared to the ones from Chinatown! I got to drive and on the freeway which was super exciting! For Dinner we had steaks that were bloody good. Lol when I say bloody, i mean they were so bloody that I had to go and reheat it for a bit because I can't stand rare steaks. Then I ended the night by typing this blog. Wow this is the first time where I rambled on and on. Comment if you like these kind of entries, or if you prefer my usual picture blogs. Hope you guys had a fantastic day, thanks for reading..

- Ally


  1. i do like these kind of entries! also, that happens to me every time i go for a dental is coming up so i am going to try flossing more often too : )

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