Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Secret to Happiness

Today was a great day. I just want to start off by saying, positivity is infectious and so is negativity. After watching the movie The Secret, It really opened my eyes to the way I was going about my day. So basically the secret is "The Law of Attraction". The phrase Law of Attraction refers to the idea that thoughts influence chance. ( I pasted the definition for you guys) The Law of Attraction argues that thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) can affect things outside the head, not just through motivation but by other means. Essentially, "if you really want something and truly believe it's possible, you'll get it", but putting a lot of attention and thought onto something you don't want means you'll get that too.For example, if we stub our toe in the morning and we think to ourselves, agh! I'm gonna have a terrible day, then you're going to start noticing every negative aspect of your day. We seem to give more weight to the negative and that's how we attract more negativity. However, if you don't think about those small annoying things that might happen, I know it happens, but just focusing on the positive will just make your day seem that much better! So our attitude really attracts what we bring into our lives. Here is two ways that I can tell my day:

Here is an example of me attracting negativity into my life .. (AVOID DOING THIS!!)

I woke up in the morning super groggy in the morning. I didn't feel like going to school because I had 2 tests, I dread tests. Then I got to school and almost fell asleep in class because the sound of reading english was boring me to death. The weather was crappy, foggy and rainy. I bought this survey thing that was a dollar and then I lost it in the hallway. What a waste of my money. The someone commented that my makeup looked darker on one side, and I felt self-conscious for the day. I was pretty mad because even though I wanted to just ask for another one, I knew that it wouldn't be fair or possible to get another one. I was just in a mad mood. Then my tea cup got knocked over and I was sad because I didn't have water that day. I was thirsty. I had another test in physics and I was confused, even though I felt like i had all of the answers. By the afternoon, I was starving but time was not on my side. I ran to the cafeteria and the microwave took foreverrr!! ( SO NEGATIVE!!!) haha okay i'm sure this is not the worst thing happening on the planet right now, with the chaos happening in Haiti. It was really easy for me to gear towards the negative and just dwell on the idea of, this day sucks!!

So here is what I could have focused on to have a more positive attitude: ( DO THIS MORE OFTEN!!)
Yay I woke up in the morning and I didn't have to ride the crowded bus! My mom made me breakfast and drove me to school. Since it was tuesday, I had didn't have to go swimming so I could do my makeup. I was really happy that I had that extra time to dress up and to sleep in since my mom was driving me. When I got to my first class, I was there early. I saved a lot of time because my mom dropped me off right in front of class. Cool huh, that's because my classroom is in a bungalow. I was lucky to have brought my umbrella because some people forgot theirs, so I just walked with a classmate. I bought a match maker, which is a relationship survey/pop poll that matches you with someone of the opposite gender in the school as the best matched person for you. I went to econ and noticed that I lost my match maker, its okay it was only a dollar. During econ my mug was knocked over, but I didn't really care because I was tired of drinking jasmine green tea every morning. I swear it was the cause of my yellow teeth ( HAHA jk :) well i am whiting my teeth now, so not drinking the tea can only make my teeth whiter. I should go back to water anyways.) During the physics test, i was happy to see problems that I had seen before, so I felt slightly prepared! haha even though I sorta wasn't. During psychology, I chatted with a neighbor and I feel like we might become good friends. I thought that it might be awkward because it was a change of people but I began to feel comfortable. I was so happy that my stomach didn't grumble because it would have sounded like a whale. Grub grub glloooooo. thats what i sound like when I'm hungry. In psych we were learning about homosexuals, and whether or not it is inborn in our genes or caused by our environment or a choice. I think it could be all three. Finally I got to eat my yummy rice and goose. DELICIOUS! lol i swear all I could think about was how great the food tasted. In swimming class we didn't have to swim because it was closed so we just sat in the computer lab and watched instructional swimming videos. They made it look so easy. I felt inspired and I saw the glimmering hope at the end of the tunnel. I think I might actually learn how to swim :)! On the bus I got to sit, which is pretty lucky because its always crowded. I got home really quickly too! Plus wearing heels didn't hurt my feet at all.

Can anyone relate to how I feel?

So can you see how different my day is when you read each perspective. Remember that if you're in a bad mood, its okay, just brush it off and think about the positive aspect of your situation. You're day can only get better. So smile at that person you felt awkward towards, hold the door for a stranger, give up your seat on the bus because those little things might brighten someones day. I just finished watching (click here to watch the video I'm talking about) meganheartsmakeup on youtube and she posted a very inspiration video about giving back and feeling good. I feel good to talk about this stuff because I don't like bottling things inside. Sometimes I want to express how I feel but I'm still insecure about what other people think of my opinion. Slowly, but surely I am conquering this fear. I just want you guys to know that you have the ability to change your life, I know as cliche as it all sounds, its true.

The Steps:
Know what you want and ask the universe for it.
This is where you need to get clear on what it is you want to create and visualize what you want as being as 'real' as possible.
Feel and behave as if the object of your desire is on its way.
Focus your thoughts and your language on what it is you want to attract. You want to feel the feeling of really 'knowing' that what you desire is on its way to you, even if you have to trick yourself into believing it – do it.

Be open to receiving it.
Pay attention to your intuitive messages, signs from the Universe to help you along the way as assurance you are on the 'right' path. As you align yourself with the Universe and open yourself up to receiving, the very thing you that want to happen will show up.

- Ally

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  1. wow it looks like you had a lot more positivity in your day than negativity! that's awesome. I'm reading one of oprah's coffee table books...it's called "dream big" and the articles in there are by other people, not her. but they are so inspirational! i love the chart at the bottom that you provided, thanks a lot!