Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Purple Rain

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This is my Do It yourself video on how to sew a sequin bow!

These thoughts crossed my mind when I couldn't sleep last night ....

At 5 AM,  I woke up to the sound of deafening thunder. I thought that someone broke a window or a earthquake was occuring. I popped out of bed and ran to my parents room. yes i'm like a little girl at heart, running to her parents. My dad calmly said, "hunnie, its just thunder, it'll go away." I was a little assured but I didn't fully believe him. So I ran to my sisters bed because my bed is right next to the window. I was literally in tears because I thought that the world was going to end! The rain was pounding hard on my clear glass windows and I could see the palm tree outside swaying from side to side. It look like someone was shaking the life of out that tree. I was wrapped around my blankets as if they could protect me from the dangerous world outside. I can't imagine what it would be like in Haiti right now. I know that I'm so lucky that I didn't experience that earthquake. Since I am a whole continent away from the disaster, I don't feel the weight of the disaster on my shoulders. It just made me feel worse. I woke up at around 7 and the rain had subsided. The wind was a little more calm and my heart was at a steady beat. I was glad to be alive.

Today was the first day of the 2nd semester. Driving to school was another experience. I heard the whipping rain and the pounding droplets against my car. I saw rushing cars down the freeway splashing through a couple feet of water without a care in the world. I just worried that my tires would hydroplane. At school I stole to another homeroom to take a sugared donut at 9 in the morning.  Now I wish I didn't throw half of it away because my stomach was grumbling by 12:30PM. Walking to class I thought about the disasters that could occur to me when I was going home. When I arrived to my econ class, I was surprised by the people that I saw, a lot of familar faces. I'm glad that in the sea of people I could recognize those few to make me feel more comforted. The teachers were kind, funny, and interesting, for the most part. I think this semester will be interesting since it will be my last before I heard off to the unknown territory - college. I decided to take a picture of my outfit that I put together before dawn, since my friend said she liked it. haha maybe you guys will too!

- Ally
(Like my socks? haha it was pouring and I walked through mud so I decided to leave those boots out of this picture! i'm sure i'll knock your socks off! )

** I don't believe that it will give me bad luck!!

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  1. DIY bow!! OMG that's exactly what I've been looking for! I absolutely j'adore bows, and wanted to make a big one to put on a shirt. Thanks for doing the tutorial!

    p.s. I followed!
    <3 sophia