Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Japanese Tea Garden

I could probably write about this photo and only this photo, but I have a lot more. I took this picture at the Japanese Tea Garden when I went with Oscar and Annie. Right after scheduling my classes, I had some free time. Oscar tricked me into thinking that he was someone else. I felt so dumb for believing that he was ivan! Well anyhoos, he said he had a surprise in store! It was going to be an adventure, and something only "geeks" like him would like. We arrived at the tea garden, and it was more beautiful that I imagined. There was a beautiful waterfall at the entrance where annie and I took a ton of photos. We found many intricate buildings and lots of stones to hop across. The garden was so peaceful and serene. It was definitely what I needed to escape from the busy finals coming up.

Annie and oscar got very adventurous when they climbed onto the fencing to take the picture. Haha i'm sure this is very illegal. At the coffee shop a little around this bend, we met a very flirty waiter. He was standing behind the booth and gave us a smirk. It was kind of awkward with the three other workers in the back staring at the three of us but we just ended up ordering a slice of green tea cheesecake. I felt super thirsty so oscar bought me a coke since I was probably about to faint from walking so much that day. I went back to the same waiter and he was like HOW CAN I HELP YOUUU :)haha there was no way I could keep a straight face. He gave me a total of three straws because he thought I should have a good one. I don't know what that was about but it was funny. Oscar wanted me to leave him my phone number but I didnt want to fool around that much. 

We found a very pretty fall scene at the botanical garden. I love the color of these leaves. Most of the tree trunks were bare naked by last dec.

Welcome to my swampy home? haha

Annie and I had a similar pose at a rail track but that picture got deleted. I guess we were practicing our gymnastics beam skills :)

After we left the natural world, we entered back into the eccentric neighborhoods of the city. We wandered around the Haight district and found a lot of cool and unique shops. We saw this adorable cut out and we had to take a picture with it. See i'm so yummy I just want to eat myself!

If you guys ever stop by the area, be sure to check out X-Generation! They had so many beautiful pieces that were super trendy and affordable! I fell in love with this soft demure pink tiered top. Ah i think I'm in love. I ended up not getting it because Ive been kind of broke lately. I saw a lot of military inspired clothes with huge buttons and zipper detailing. I also saw a few leather jackets and flowy big tops. We ended up back at my house and we made some pesto pasta with some spicy sausage in it. It was kind of sour, i'm not going to lie.
That concludes this blog. Hope you all had a wonderful day.


  1. hey! GREAT pictures! look like you guys had a splendid time. thanks for posting them up! just wondering, where did your friend annie get her boots from? :)