Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eyeliner 101

When I was younger, I was not a big fan of eyeliner. Especially with my small eyes, black eyeliner seem to make my eyes appear smaller. Also, I would have those huge black raccoon eyes because I would use the cheap stuff from wet & wild that was 99 cents. So I just avoided it all together.

So a couple years later, and watching probably a thousand of makeup videos (sadly), I understand eyeliner a lot more. So I've finally started branching out to trying different types of liners.

My current favorite is the Physician's Formula Felt-Tip Marker Eyeliner! Its so pigmented and easy to remove at the same time. I heard that it dries out quickly!! i hope that doesn't happen to mine!

Gel Liner
(Loreal HIP Gel Liner in True Black)
- great with a brush
- gives intense define line
- hard to remove
-smudges like crazy if you have watery eyes
- do not use on your lower lash line! It will smudge!

Kohl Liner
( wet&wild )
- easy to smudge
- easy to get raccoon eyes
- very hard to stay put
- messy looking
- removes okay
- very affordable price

Twisty Eyeliner (Crayon)
(Revlon Colorstay in Black)
- Easy to remove
- pigmentation is okay
- hard to apply even lines
- smudges easily
- okay for lower lash line if set with eyeshadow
- removes okay

Liquid Eyeliner
- hard to apply
- very pigmented
- intensely black
- great for thin and thick lines

Felt tip Marker liners
( Physician's Formula Felt tip marker eyeliner )
- Very easy to apply
- dries out quickly
- very easy to remove
- very pigmented

Products I want to try: 
L'Oreal • Carbon Black Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid
 Wet 'n' Wild • H2O Proof Felt Tip Liquid Liner

Whats your favorite eyeliner?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 Review

Hey Everyone!
For my back to school fashion video, I was able to show you the hottest trends through They sent me some clothes for review considerations. So I wanted to share with you my opinion about this website from sizing, quality, price, and shipping.

I am a size medium and I like wearing my clothes a little loose and not skin tight.
Compared to, the size medium is smaller and better fitting.
Compared to medium it is bigger.
Compared to Forever 21, it is about the same.
Jackets in size medium fits perfectly
Tops in size medium fits a little loose but to my liking.
Dresses in size small fits best, medium would be too loose.
Shoes (I'm a size 8.5) - Size 9 for rain boots, Size 8.5 for boots/closed toed shoes, size 8 for gladiators/sandals.

The quality is pretty much the same as every online store that I have worked with or bought from. Some of their clothes varies in quality. Their jackets are constructed well and I really like them. Make sure you read what material the clothes is made out of. I didn't expect one of the jackets to be made out of cotton. The dresses are similar quality to Forever 21. The fabric is okay on some of the tops, remember you get what you pay for. I haven't had the chance to wash any of their clothes yet. Their shoes are exactly the same as, and they last about 1/2 year if you wear them practically everyday or even 1 1/2 years like another pair that I own. I love their rainboots and boots! They really stay on top of trends and their clothing is very stylish.

So far I have noticed that their shoes are more affordable than most online stores. I love that they have such a wide selection of clothes and shoes. Their clothes are also very affordable and easy on the wallet. I love how certain items come with a belt! Those are the most versatile items.

Photos vs. Products
The actual clothes look just as good in person. I really one of the newer models, I think she does a really good job at selling the clothes. Make sure you read what material the clothes is made out of so you know what to expect. They have a very detailed description below the pictures. I love how detailed the photos are because I like seeing things up close.

Everything came neatly packaged in a box or a plastic bag. The shipping was through Fedex. They offer free shipping over $50 for US residents. On average it takes about 2-10 days. Great customer service.

I think they have a lot of potential to grow! Just like and how they became extremely popular on youtube. Since makemechic offers a lot of affordable and similar styles at lower prices, I think a lot of you guys will like this website. I really like the boots that I have, they're flat so they're ultra comfortable and perfect for school. Their clothes are very wearable for school and very fashion forward. I'm excited to see what they come out with every week because they constantly update their store. The only con is that their inventory runs out really fast. So if you like something, they might have sold out on your size.

Shop Make Me Chic

Discount Code for 10% Off
Use the code "lx3lally" during checkout for a discount :)

More questions, or comments, check out my video showing these clothes. Or post them below

Yours Truly,

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My favorite places to shop

I was walking around the mall the other day and I thought, hrmm I have been neglecting my blog! I wanted to share my favorite places to shop, online and in store. What are your favorite stores?

If I saw these stores, I would definitely go in.

- Forever 21
- Charlotte Russe
- H&M
- A 'gaci
- Target
- Ross
- Marshalls
- Wetseal (sometimes)

 Affordable & Cute Online Shopping
- Go Jane:

- Cutesygirl:
- Makemechic:
- Pink Ice:
- ToFebruary:

Fun to look at but is too pricey sometimes
American Eagle -
Asos -
Top Shop -
Zara -

Cute blazer I saw at AE, I wonder if it will ever go on sale ..

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My American Eagle Sale Picks!

AE is having an extra 30% off their clearance items, so I thought I would show you guys my top picks :) or just a few things I would get myself. A couple other items I liked but they were out of my size. Is it me or are there a lot of sales going around this past week. I wish i could have waited a little while!! I guess its called a semi-annual sale. Click on the picture to see the full size

- Ally

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Forever 21 Haul

Hey guys :) my sister took back her camera the other day so I can't film any videos anytime soon. Not unless I fix my old camera or use my really bad camcorder. The quality on the camcorder really sucks so I don't really want to use it. Lol I look really pale and grey with that cam, i don't know why.

This dress/tunic was $13.50! I'm so short that it works as a dress. Haha I would hate to look like i'm wearing a shirt without pants, but trust me it works :) I'm undecided if I should keep it because I got a size small. The bust area is kind of tight but a medium would just fall off. Hrmm ....

Today after work I decided to go shopping! Haha honestly haven't treated myself in awhile! No lie. I went to forever 21 and picked up 3 tops and a cute cream colored dress. Whoever put cream and brown together is a genius! I just love those colors in an outfit. So I bought a purple blue t-shirt top with ruffles that go down the front. Its not too low cut so I really like it for everyday and possibly work! I also got a mauve fabulous finds chiffon and jersey tank top. I like the color, its very feminine. The last top is a grey jersey loose fitted tee. It has a picture of an owl and parts of the wing has gold foil on it! Its very comfortable and relaxed looking :) something I don't have. I bought a cream colored fabulous finds smock dress. It has brown and cream colored strings on the bust area. It has pockets on the side. If you layer a top over it, it looks like you're wearing a flowing cream colored high waisted skirt! Everything is very versatile. I really want to film a haul soon! And a summer fashion video before it turns fall. Haha I think I'll combine it again since its foggy still where I live. I hope you all are enjoying your summers! Have fun and share some stories, I'm really bored right now! :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Top Picks from Forever 21

Browsing around, I fell in love with these clothes! I'm thinking of doing a "top picks" every week or so from my fav stores, or whenever I find some cute clothes or great deals! Hrm what do you guys think, do you like these? It will definitely motivate me to post here more often! :) I just like window shopping sometimes, its fun to share my finds with someone! enjoy ..

- Ally

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flats are dangerous footwear

Yesterday was the second time I wore flats this year. It was a big mistake because they gave me a very painful foot blister. If you don't know what a blister is, it is a fluid filled sac caused by heat and/or friction. When girls wear flats, they often don't wear socks with them. Not wearing socks can cause a lot of friction between your feet and your shoes. The skin on your feet can rub on the plastic or fabric of the flats.

I remember when flats became the new "in" type of footwear, I was surprised. I didn't understand how girls wore shoes without socks. My feet got swollen, sweaty, red, and sometimes even smelly. Its the truth that girls sometimes do anything to look fashionable. I think I just missed the days of looking cute in tennis shoes (not that cute sometimes). Plus, flats often did not give my feet a lot of support. They are very flimsy and thin and do not absorb shock. I went out and purchased socks for my flats (which were really expensive when they first came out, and some foot gels like doctor scholls). Overtime I just gave up the whole idea of wearing flats and switched the boots. Boots allow me to look cute and feel comfortable. I just love my socks too much.

My feet have always made me feel insecure. I'm a size 8.5 and I'm only 5"2.5 without shoes on. I think I was meant to grow taller but I didn't drink my milk in my teens. So I'm just stuck as a petite girl. Anyhoos, I come to the conclusion that I don't think I'll wear flats for a long long time. I'll just stick to sandals and boots and flip flops!

- Ally

I found these earrings at Forever 21, they look exactly like a dupe for the RissyJewels bow earrings that I own. These are only $3.80, but they do not have sterling silver posts. I wanted to tweet them, but the link is too long.

Some more cute things I saw online .. 
$10.80 - Forever 21

Monday, April 12, 2010

Fashion of the Week - Pale Spring Yellows

Episode 1 - Spring Pale Yellows Embedding this soon

Top(A similar one)
Dark Grey Pea Coat - Forever 21
Grey Jacket - H&M (2 years ago)
Skinny Jeans - Forever 21 (must get, very stretchable only 9.50!)
Yellow Tank - Ambiance
Pashmina Scarf - it was a gift
Boots -
Purse - Hong Kong

Best Makeup Review Website

Quite honestly guys, if you are ever in doubt about buying a makeup product or any cosmetic related product, go check out this website, MakeupAlley. (its even cooler because it has my name in it ** wink jk) If you haven't already heard about it, its a website that offers reviews on any product you can think of ( unless its such a small company or ebay, they will most likely have a review on it). I find it very helpful & you get a lot of unbias opinions! Sometimes you may feel youtube is giving you a mixed message, you can look it up here! Only con is you have to sign up as a member to read the reviews! Its really helpful!

- Ally

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Trends List + Update

Spring Fashion Trends:

Strong Working Women, Ultra-Femme, Vintage, Nautical

Blazers (Boyfriend Blazers, Tunic Length, Shoulder Pads)
Embellished clothes (lace, pin on tulle, studs, sequins, etc)
Pale / Nude / Sherbet colors (soft pink, pale yellow, flesh tones, baby blues)
Floral Print (on skirts, on accessories)
Lace (Skirts, Tops, Leggings, Accessories)
Stripes (thin white with navy or black)
Braided Hair (Boho styled, loose)

Here are a few prom dresses that I thought looked gorgeous!! - Coral Prom Dress - UK
I love love love chiffon dresses! I think they are so gorgeous and fairytale like. - Meadow Aqua Chiffon Gown - UK
This is another gorgeous gown that I found online! I think if this came in another color like lavendar, I would be in love!

Foreverunique.come - Linda Ivory - Coral taffeta mini dress with puffball skirt and gold handwork on the bodice by Forever Unique.

Another gorgeous dress but this time from Forever 21. I am in love with these types of skirts. It gives a lot of volume and I love the detail in it! I saw a similar one at charlotte russe for about 18 dollars for a light pale blue one. I should have bought it!

This is a lovely blazer that is on sale now at for 13.99! If you are in need of a blazer, I think this is a pretty nice one :)
Necklace from Forever 21, I always wanted a shell necklace

I am glad I get to go off on my own & live :) My prom is coming up in about 2 ish months and I still haven't figured out what to wear yet. But I really hope to have it all figured out by the end of this month! Shoes, dress, date and all ! I hope that it will be at a nice location b.c last years was just alright. Its getting really late and I really want to go jogging tomorrow..

- Ally

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Music for the Soul

I definitely need music sometimes. It helps me get through tough times, silent boring moments, and when I need inspiration. :) beats for the car & more. i love grooveshark, if you've never heard of it, its a website where you can listen to music for free. easy to navigate and trustable, its not illegal! :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fashion Report: Week March 21-27

 So I've decided to do a fashion report for you guys! Filling out what I wore for the week since I want to share but don't have a working camera! Tell me what you guys think of the plan? Wish I had pictures to show! Oh yeah and I think I potentially found my prom dress!YEEEAH Its a vera wang plum dress, so excited! It has a really long train on the back. I need to alter it a ton but I'm in love! I still have some major deciding to do!

Lilac Cardigan - Zara
Cream Burn Out Top with Flowy Sleeves - Wetseal
Teal Blue Ribbed Tank - Anchor Blue
Faded Denim Jeans(so old) - Forever 21
Ankle Boots Cognac Colored with buckle on the side -
Hair - Down with a Poof

Stopped by Forever 21 today and picked up two things! I love them!
Forever 21 Fabulous Finds 9.50 Jeans, got them in a size 27, fits perfectly. I think they might fade onto my skin on the first 2 wears :\ It happened last time!

and I also picked up a bow necklace which I can't find a picture of! I love it because you can adjust the length however long you want it! Well I'm gonna go now!
- Ally

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Food for Thought, On Thought

Things I must eat right now!!! Intensive cravings! oh yea and I also love my light minty turquoise nails! I REALLY wish i had a cam to capture them! i made the color myself with a turquoise pigment and some white nail polish. It came out really light and fresh, perfect for spring time!

- A big supreme burrito
- Cantaloupe + Water Melon + Honey Dew
- Jasmine Green Tea Tapioca
- Hot Chocolate with Large Jumbo Marshmellos
-  Strawberry Ice cream with graham cracker crushed with almonds and bananas
- Honey bunches of oats
- Honey BBQ Chicken Wings
- Guacamole and chips
- Korean short ribs
- Litchee Drink
- Salmon Sashimi

what do you guys crave :) haha did I make you crave anything ...
Here is my 50 fashion looks in 5 minutes ..

- Ally

Friday, March 12, 2010

Jaw Clicking

Today I woke up in a relaxed state. I felt  so rested and comfortable in bed. I think its time for me to get a new bed because I was sleeping in my sisters new mattress. My old box spring is squeeky and hard, haha its time to throw away that kiddy bed. Suddenly I felt a horrible pain in my mouth. My jaw started to click. From the sound of it, i thought my jaw cracked. So i hurried to my computer to look up what was going on to my jaw. Its called Jaw Clicking. "One muscle pulls one way, another pulls in an opposite direction or doesn't move at all—and your jaw clicks. Jaw clicking is very common, dentists say. The only reason it's so annoyingly noticeable is that it's right next to your ear. Sometimes jaw clicking comes along with other symptoms—such as headaches, neck pain, stiffness or difficulty opening and closing the mouth."
The only thing I can do is wait with time, or get a mouth guard.
So I just feel really terrible right now. I'm starving and I can't really open my mouth to eat. I read online that I should try to relieve the pain by not putting so much pressure and strength on that part of my mouth. So I should avoid chewing gum, eatting tough food, and relaxing my jaw. I think I should just stick to wearing my retainers at night. That way I won't have to worry so much about waking up with my jaw misaligned. :[

On a happier note, I just finished editing a  HUGE COOL VIDEO! Its a huge collective/collaborative video of all the fashion videos I have ever done. (or most of which was saved on my computer for editing) Its basically 50 looks in 5 minutes. I hope that it will inspire you guys when you feel like you don't know what to wear for the day. I really encourage anyone who has a fashion video to share it by posting it as a video response. Or you can post tips in the comment section! I think it would be a really helpful way for girls who need some inspiration! It was a lot of fun to edit! I wanted to cram a lot more in there but I couldn't find some of my older videos like my Back to School Fashion or the Skinny Jeans video! Again, you guys don't know how much fun it has been being on youtube. I feel like I have met a lot of fun people & you guys have greatly increased my confidence level. If you guys haven't noticed, in the beginning of my videos back in last august, I used to talk with a LOT of pauses. Now words just flow more smoothly and naturally. Like bubz said in her newest inspirational video, it is awkward at first because you're talking to a camera alone in a room. But over time it becomes something more natural. If anyone needs help working on their speaking skills, then youtube is very helpful. Hope you all had a wonderful day. I really want to add a few new items to my boutique but my sister took off with the camera for the week. I'll update you guys when I do add new things! OH and also if anyone knows how to transfer videos from a camcorder please tell me! I recorded it on a tape but I don't have a clue or a DV wire to transfer it. Why doesn't a USB work ?

 (Yummy Lobster Bisque)

- Ally 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Lunar New Year Day!

Happy Valentines Day everyone & Happy Lunar New Years! I hope that you all are having a fun romantic day or a comfy day with your family. I was laughing because someone called valentine's day, National Single Awareness day! I think today is just a cute day is dedicated to spending time with your special someone or with the people you love, it doesn't necessarily have to be your boyfriend or girlfriend. So I wanted to share with you guys a couple of pictures from my family dinner last night because the food was amazing! My mom and dad spent a few hours in the kitchen cooking this big feast. So my sister just told me that there is a pillow fight going on in my city tonight at 6! It sounds like a lot of fun but I would rather not get hit with 10 random pillows by strangers! Haha you never know where the pillow came from or who could end up being behind you! Scary fun!


Oh yeah and i finished reading Dear John. Quite frankly it was a regular chick flick type book. The ending was quite disappointing for me because it left little to yearn for or to think about. Now i'm not sure if I want to watch the movie anymore because I don't know how different it could be from the book. (SPOILERS AHEAD) It was one of those girl meets boy who saves her. Boy falls in love with girl. Boy leaves for a few years but the girl promises to write to him. Girl gets anxious and is sad because he is gone for such a long period of time. Boy comes back but leaves again soon. Girl sends letter that says she fell in love with someone else. Boy's father suddenly falls ill and ends up dying. Girl's new husband is sick so she feels guilty and stuck with him forever. Boy is still in love with the girl and decides that true love is making sacrafices for the ones you love. So he donates a bunch of money and the book ends with him watching her from a distance and she is still with her husband, but secretly is still in love with the boy. Lol the end! I liked the beginning but the ending was not satisfying!

Coming Soon on Youtube...

I updated my store and added these new things!
** New Pan Eyeshadows in luscious spring colors!
** New Earrings
** New Sweater Tights!
We're having a promotion right now, we're giving away a Free pair of earrings with a purchase of any dress!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for shopping at my store! I have received some of the nicest emails and the sweetest comments. I truly am honored! Thank you

- Ally

Monday, February 8, 2010

DIY: Foaming Soap

So lately I've been in love with bath&body work's foaming antibacterial hand soaps! They smell so yummy and the foaming is great. The foam and the friction between your hands is actually want removes the bacteria, nothing really "kills" it. (I learned that from the hospital, haha and it took me 17 years to realize that one!) So I was thinking about it the other day, I always wondered if you could reuse the containers from bath&body works to make your own foaming soap. So I Googled "reuse bath and body work foaming soap" and it actually came up! I'm truly in love! I have tried to open the container before, but I noticed that I could use a kitchen glove to open it. So for the ingredients to make the soap is, like 1 inch of soap and fill the rest of the container with water! It works great and saves a lot of money. Buying one of those foaming dispensers actually cost up to $10-$20 for a stainless steel one. But if you just buy one from bath&body works or buy them when they're on sale, they're actually only $3. Great huh? Have fun making some foaming soaps!

Link to where I found this information!

- Ally

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Glam Boutique Update/ My must watch television

Making videos lately have not been as satisfying as before. I don't know why it doesn't make me happy right now. Arg moving onto something really random. TELEVISION! Okay, i have to admit to you guys right now that I am a complete tv addict! I used to watch hours and hours of tv as a kid. and the funny thing is that I don't even have cable! So you might be wondering, what the heck is she watching? Now a days, since everything is recorded online, I watch most of my tv online. So I just want to run through my must watch shows throughout the week. I was debating if I should do this in a video or on my blog. I realized that I would much rather write it on my blog where it feels a little less critical and less in the public eye.

Desperate Housewives

Bachelor ( Jake )
Gossip Girl
One Tree Hill
Secret Life of The American Teenager( I don't like it as much anymore


Ugly Betty

Greys Anatomy
Private Practice ( sometimes )
Project Runway

Wow so thats about 10-11 hours of tv, not counting the commercials! But I honestly must watch the bachelor, project runway, desperate housewives, and oth. I am watching project runway right now, and they have the campbell soup challenge! I don't have a favorite yet, but i'm sure I will later on! It makes me crave some soup right now. Wow thats a really good advertising strategy! But my heart is stuck to progresso, I love that stuff. Thats going to be me at college 247, progresso chicken noodle soup!

Update on my store! Glam Boutique
We added a ton of new formal dresses, casual summer dresses, and makeup!
Red Blossoms - Size Small - $14
LBD - Size Small - $18
Fierce Cheetah - Size Medium - $17
Sultry Fire - Size Medium - $19
Wedding Bells - Size Medium/Large - $20

Electric Blue - Size Small - $20
Greek Goddess - Size Small - $18

Turquoise Island - Size Small - $14

So that is what I added to the store today. Check out our store for more updates & click on this link to browse around.