Tuesday, December 22, 2009

WinterBall and Christmas Cheer

So there goes a bunch of random pictures. Personally I love looking at pictures! I'm currently in love with chictopia because there are so many inspirational and fashionable people out there! It really gives me an idea of what looks good! Its also a lot of fun to share! I'm wearing the skirt that that I just finished making, which is also the one i tweeted about. Its only because I have my mini heater on full blast! :)

These are the earrings i borrowed from annie for Winterball! It was called "Let it Snow". I thought that the card/invitation was by far the best! I'm glad we didn't get the sucky ones again! And on the bottom, here is the necklace that she also lent to me! I think the cubic zirconia is really amazing and almost too glamorous for the occasion! Thank you soo much Annie for lending me the perfect accessories, now if only I had red lipstick on! Maybe I  should recreate that look for you guys! I think it would be a lot of fun! I'm not sure though, I haven't mastered how to do my own foundation yet, so I might just hold off on that thought.

Thanks to Kathleen for also lending me her black and white cocktail dress! I loved it! I felt super glam in it with my satin black peeptoe pumps! :) Thanks to my sister for helping me with my makeup! Although getting ready was super hectic, it was an overall memorable night.  Burritos and tapioca are not the most glamorous food on the planet, but it was delicious food. Haha running to the entrance was by far the craziest thing i've done. If only I had captured that on film, with my hair all blown by the wind! I still felt like a million bucks!

He and I have known each other since 6th grade in middle school! Haha I still remember when he had his gold bangs & when baggy pants were in. Those were the days.

(below) This christmas tree was so big! I think the ornament was the size of my head, literally! I would love to take this home with me! Santa, will you bring me a big christmas tree down the chimney?

This above picture is of amy, jamie, annie, me, kathleen, and sophia!

I snapped a couple of pictures in front of Macys  because they had a couple of really pretty windows! this gives me inspiration to decorate my christmas tree a little nicer :)  I
I must end this blog post with a funny picture! This is KJ in physics! He is trying to advertise for this Mango Juice because hes practicing his commerical look!  He is a great hip hop dancer, if you haven't watched his performance, then watch it below! Have a great night, byee.

- Ally

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