Monday, December 28, 2009

ToFebruary Jewelry Haul

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So here is a quick haul with pictures from They mainly sell asian clothes, accessories such as bangles, necklaces, earrings and more. I tried to take a couple of HD pictures on micro, hope they turned out well! Enjoy :)

This is my Favorite necklace from! Its soo victorian and girly, ahh I'm in love.

This necklace really reminds me of something from Alice in Wonderland. I'm super excited to watch the movie in March, I think thats when it comes out! :) the graphics and colors look so amazing

This is a really cute bunny necklace with a gingham bow on the side. It also has this jade looking bead, a sunflower, and a white bead chain. This is very hong kong inspired.

 This long chained flower necklace is really beautiful and elegant. It demure and sweet for family gatherings. My mom really likes this type of necklace with the long chain.

This is a cream and gold colored flower necklace. This is really cute for casual and dressy outfits. I think the gold color makes it perfect for the holidays

These are cute lamb earrings with a cute baby blue bow and a tiny hoop on the top. I don't really like hoops so I might change this into a necklace or a keychain

This is the cutest bracelet/bangle ever! I love the rose and diamond detailing! it doesn't fit on my wrist so I have to push it a little higher above my arm. Its so darling.

These earrings, I definitely have to make into a necklace! I love love love the flower on this. its this clear hawaiian looking flower with crystal detailing in the center of the bud.

This are the toy horsey earrings. It has a cute crystal B on the bottom of each of the earrings. if you have a friend who's name strarts with a B, I think they would appreciate this piece. I would also change this into a necklace!

Overall, i really love! They have a ton of cute jewelry that is probably made from metal.I hope a lot of people fall in love with your website as I have.

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