Sunday, December 13, 2009

Glam Holiday Look & Setting up my Christmas Tree

My tree with the lights off in its glory!

So Last night i finally got to setting up my mini plastic christmas tree! i wonder when i'm finally going to be able to buy a real one. i guess because my parents aren't that into christmas, we might never get one. Like my hat guys? hahah i think it looks really silly and the spring part of the hat bounces! i did a video on me setting up my tree, but i don't think a lot of people will be interested in seeing that.

So yesterday I had a lot of fun filming this Holiday Look inspired by Blair or Juicystar07's "Berry Punch" look found in my Dec/Jan SeventeenMagazine. Its so cool how they are youtubers and they made it to a national magazine! So I did a combination of a purple punch/ red /green/ silver look. I wanna do a couple more holiday looks, but i don't have any cool ideas yet. For the look, i decided to wear my new hat from H&M and I curled my hair with my fav purple flat iron. I got a lot of nice compliments on my hair :) thanks everyone!

- Ally


  1. what a cute santa hat! where did u get it?? love ur holiday make up look:D

  2. Thank you! my mom bought it, i think maybe at a walgreens, i'm not too sure! if i find out i'll be sure to tell you! Thank you!