Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Cheer

"So the weather outside is frightful" ... haha just kidding I don't think im gonna break into a song right now.So i took a couple of pictures of the beautiful sunset, or at least what i call the sunsetting in my city, a couple of days ago. Its this really gorgeous rich blue color.

My mom brought home a couple of really cute pretzels that were decorated with christmas cheer! With yummy snowflakes, chocolate, sprinkles, and m&ms. Sadly I already ate the m&m ones so I cant really show that to you guys! I think this company makes some really yummy chocolate covered pretzels!

Maybe I should do a makeup tutorial inspired by these pretzels! they just look too good to eat!

My sister picked up some fake Mac eyeshadow/blush in taiwan. I was surprised by the creamy texture of the eyeshadow and the pigmentation! I actually really love the colors in this small palette. I just wanted to show it to you guys in case I decide to do a tutorial using this palette. Even though its not the real thing, i still think that its a pretty cool eyeshadow. I dont really care about brands, as long as it looks good! and i'm telling you, it looks really good! I'm excited to do a how to: curling hair tutorial, even though I already did one with annie, but you guys requested it! I also wanted to set up a date for BlogTv! I wonder if anyone will show up because I don't think a lot of people know about my channel. Well I hope that you've all been well. Share in the comments what you think about imitation products! I also did my nails today, its something i mixed up at first, a frosty pinkish gold color with black polka dots

- Ally

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  1. oh not to try and burst your bubble, i understand that the quality of the fake mac is good..and i mean if it's not a well highend brand but has good quality go ahead and use it..but usually those fake cosmetics have harmful chemicals in them.. i'm not completely sure of all the details but i just wanted to warn you!