Saturday, October 3, 2009

A typical saturday at home

On Sunday, it was my mom's 51st birthday! We went out to eat some chinese food in the sunset and it was pretty good! It was called the 8 immortals! The food was fantastic;however, the portions were so small! It was just me, my sister, mom, dad, and my sister's bf. We devoured the food, so we didn't have any left over. It feels like I got food poisoned, Ek. Sigh with the college apps out right now, I just feel a lot of stress. Just trying to figure out what I want, verses what everyone else says is good for me. I just finished watching the Private practice season premiere! It was AMAZING! After last season's cliff hanger with a crazy woman cutting open Violet's stomach to steal her baby, I had chills! I definitely give it 5 stars! I'm gonna go watch project runway, i guess having cable sucks a little less because i can actually watch the shows online now. i'm such a project runway addict<3
- ally

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