Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Supergirl - Halloween Costume

So i decided to start a series on halloween costumes! I hope that you guys will enjoy them. I'm gonna be doing the costumes for an Angel, Devil, Gretel from "Hansel and Gretel", maybe a greek goddess. Im going to be using clothes that I already own to create these videos. I just want to stress that we do not have to all go out to buy expensive costumes and creating our own costumes from our own wardrobe is quite possible. I want to create videos that are assessable to young girls. through my videos, I hope to invoke self-confidence and body confidence. Love your every curve and everything about you. I hope you guys enjoy my videos.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Fan Brush

ELF Complexion Brush

Swatches in order:
ELF: Duo Eye Shadow Cream in Eggplant(bronzey green, magenta - first 2)
ELF Eye Shadow Quad reversed order right to left

Here are the HQ pictures for the ELF HAUL! Thank you to elf for allowing me to do this review! i honestly think their products are great for their price! they are currently having 50% off their studio line so the original 30 dollars is now 15 dollars for the 11 piece brush set! i love it!
visit www.eyeslipsface.com to purchase or check out their products! their products range from only $1 to $3!

With Love,

Saturday, October 10, 2009

e.l.f Haul + update

Hey everyone! So i wanted to share with you guys a haul that i received from e.l.f or eyeslipface.com! I was utterly amazed by how fast the shipping was! It only took a record 3 days compared to the average 2-3 weeks! So I have a photo of the e.l.f studio line brushes and an e.l.f eye brightening eye color in hazy hazel, and a duo eye shadow cream in eggplant. I hope you guys enjoy watching the video that I will post soon. I hope I get some feedback on a couple of tutorial ideas. I will try my best to fulfill your requests =)

So here is the list of products that I received:
(All from eyeslipsface.com)
Fan Brush
Complexion Brush
Power Brush
Small Precision Brush
Eyeshadow C Brush
Concealer Brush
Small Smudge Brush
Angled Foundation Brush
Small Angled Brush
Contour Brush

So today I took the SATS nearby my house! I was so nervous going into the classroom! haha i only had one goal, please please please stomach, do not growl! Hahah at least i knew a couple of people from school so i felt more welcome! overall i'm glad its over but i have to move on to ACTS which is coming up on Oct 24! Thats the same date as my senior boat. Hrmm i just realized no one at school did anything super cute to ask a girl to the dance! okay maybe one or two, but i didn't see any posters in the hallways. I really looked forward to see those romantic geisures :) they always make me smile! woo hoo i'm gonna have a lot of fun messing around with the brushes! i really really wanted to do a lady gaga inspired tutorial for halloween but i never came around to it! i can't decide on whether to be a super hero, or just go in a dress. i caught a glimpse of the boat that i'm going to be on! its really gorgeous! i can't wait!!! now to find myself a date!

- Ally

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Go Green Salad!

Hey guys! So i came home from school today and was super hungry! So then i decided to make myself a salad after devouring 1/2 of a moon cake, yum! So i put this salad together with a couple of ingredients if you guys want to make it too ..
- Costco -
1 - Rotisserie Chicken
2 - Croutons, Garlic Flavored
3 - Spring Mix Veggies
4 - Raw Almonds, Crushed
5 - Hidden Valley Ranch ( i wish i had cesar!! )

Farmer's Market
6 - Cherry Tomatoes
Doesn't it look YUMMY ? All in all, i'm fully enjoying this. So senior boat is coming up if i havent already said, Oct 24th! I haven't started looking for a date yet, of course like every single year! I just don't wanna think about it just yet. I don't feel ready to put myself out there to ask someone. OMG yes! Tmr i don't have an inclass essay on Hamlet! Yipeee! Hrm i should go study for SATS since i have it this saturday. I'm trying to resist the urge to make a new video right now. I probably will end up doing a tutorial on how to wear a large scarf =] Have a great one!
- ally

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Favorite Music and Website

I have a new favorite song & website to listen to music! I love www.grooveshark.com to listen to music and Owl City - Saltwater Room! Its so cute!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

D.I.Y Your own Nail Polish!

Check out kathleen's youtube!
omgosh guys! i tried to make my own nail polish and it came out so stunningly! i absolutely LOVE IT! i mixed NYC's sheer french nail color ( a white cream color) with ElF's Seductive, and it didnt turn out so nicely, so i mixed in ELF'S celebrity and it came out in this gorgeous gold color! It looks so expensive! and the pigmentation of the polish was superb! it was so thick and easy to put on. The only downside is that it dried in the bottle cap too quickly before i could apply it onto my hands and toes but other than that, it was AMAZING! check it out guys, and support!
It looks kinda like OPI's Cosmo Not Tonight!
- Ally

My Everyday Eyes

My sister and her boyfriend woke me up this morning at around 7, and i was a grumpy monster! So i had a bit of time this morning to do my eye makeup! I don't like foundation, yet. Haha although it has its perks, it still feels a bit cakey on my face. =) i'll look back on this moment one day and laugh.
So i took a couple pics that i wanted to share with you guys! These are HQ pics, so you can see better! I'll also attach a video of how I apply my eye makeup! I love love love the maybelline silken taupe! It just looks so good no matter what time of day it is, and it can never go wrong.



(above) (Maybelline's Natural Smokes Quad )

(finished look)

A picture with my new collage background!

"We should all be more optimistic"
- Ally

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I love my subscribers!

So i just wanted to take a quick second out of my day to thank my youtube subscribers. wow they have been amazing to me! I know it says that i joined march 2007, but i offically started making videos in august of this year 09. Its pretty amazing how I have over 700 subscribers in 2 months! yeah my friends even think i'm hooked on youtube! My subscribers are so amazing because they leave me the best comments & they actually watch my videos and answer questions that i ask in the video! I made this collage as a new intro for my videos! i wanted to try something more professional so you guys will be seeing a lot of that! AND if i do get partnered, i'm definitely going to make a collage as my banner. i can't wait to see where this all takes me. its definitely my new creative outlet. haha i hope its not too much of an obsession!

Oh and my sister told me about this cool website to listen to music! its grooveshark.com! You guys should all check it out! Its a great place to listen to popular music or just searching for music to listen to online!

Currently Listening to: The Fray - Never Say Never

- Ally

A typical saturday at home

On Sunday, it was my mom's 51st birthday! We went out to eat some chinese food in the sunset and it was pretty good! It was called the 8 immortals! The food was fantastic;however, the portions were so small! It was just me, my sister, mom, dad, and my sister's bf. We devoured the food, so we didn't have any left over. It feels like I got food poisoned, Ek. Sigh with the college apps out right now, I just feel a lot of stress. Just trying to figure out what I want, verses what everyone else says is good for me. I just finished watching the Private practice season premiere! It was AMAZING! After last season's cliff hanger with a crazy woman cutting open Violet's stomach to steal her baby, I had chills! I definitely give it 5 stars! I'm gonna go watch project runway, i guess having cable sucks a little less because i can actually watch the shows online now. i'm such a project runway addict<3
- ally

Friday, October 2, 2009

A New Trend

Hey guys! So i decided to make a blogspot since its become really popular. I think i might use this like a journal. Since im new at blogging, im not really sure what to do with this yet. This blogspot is going to be for my youtube subscribers and anyone else who happens to wonder onto this page. I think i might make a video to ask what you guys might wanna see. I wanted to title this FUN FEARLESS FASHION because i do believe that everyone should enjoy fashion. In this day and age, teenagers have become the ones to look at in terms of fashion trends. So i'll be updating this page soon, full of passion, my point of view on fashion, and bits of my life.

- Ally