Thursday, December 31, 2009

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I really appreciate every vote that I can get. If you want, you cant vote for both pictures!

- Ally

Monday, December 28, 2009

ToFebruary Jewelry Haul

 Enter my Giveaway that will end January 6th 2010 @ 12 PM Pacific Time

So here is a quick haul with pictures from They mainly sell asian clothes, accessories such as bangles, necklaces, earrings and more. I tried to take a couple of HD pictures on micro, hope they turned out well! Enjoy :)

This is my Favorite necklace from! Its soo victorian and girly, ahh I'm in love.

This necklace really reminds me of something from Alice in Wonderland. I'm super excited to watch the movie in March, I think thats when it comes out! :) the graphics and colors look so amazing

This is a really cute bunny necklace with a gingham bow on the side. It also has this jade looking bead, a sunflower, and a white bead chain. This is very hong kong inspired.

 This long chained flower necklace is really beautiful and elegant. It demure and sweet for family gatherings. My mom really likes this type of necklace with the long chain.

This is a cream and gold colored flower necklace. This is really cute for casual and dressy outfits. I think the gold color makes it perfect for the holidays

These are cute lamb earrings with a cute baby blue bow and a tiny hoop on the top. I don't really like hoops so I might change this into a necklace or a keychain

This is the cutest bracelet/bangle ever! I love the rose and diamond detailing! it doesn't fit on my wrist so I have to push it a little higher above my arm. Its so darling.

These earrings, I definitely have to make into a necklace! I love love love the flower on this. its this clear hawaiian looking flower with crystal detailing in the center of the bud.

This are the toy horsey earrings. It has a cute crystal B on the bottom of each of the earrings. if you have a friend who's name strarts with a B, I think they would appreciate this piece. I would also change this into a necklace!

Overall, i really love! They have a ton of cute jewelry that is probably made from metal.I hope a lot of people fall in love with your website as I have.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

WinterBall and Christmas Cheer

So there goes a bunch of random pictures. Personally I love looking at pictures! I'm currently in love with chictopia because there are so many inspirational and fashionable people out there! It really gives me an idea of what looks good! Its also a lot of fun to share! I'm wearing the skirt that that I just finished making, which is also the one i tweeted about. Its only because I have my mini heater on full blast! :)

These are the earrings i borrowed from annie for Winterball! It was called "Let it Snow". I thought that the card/invitation was by far the best! I'm glad we didn't get the sucky ones again! And on the bottom, here is the necklace that she also lent to me! I think the cubic zirconia is really amazing and almost too glamorous for the occasion! Thank you soo much Annie for lending me the perfect accessories, now if only I had red lipstick on! Maybe I  should recreate that look for you guys! I think it would be a lot of fun! I'm not sure though, I haven't mastered how to do my own foundation yet, so I might just hold off on that thought.

Thanks to Kathleen for also lending me her black and white cocktail dress! I loved it! I felt super glam in it with my satin black peeptoe pumps! :) Thanks to my sister for helping me with my makeup! Although getting ready was super hectic, it was an overall memorable night.  Burritos and tapioca are not the most glamorous food on the planet, but it was delicious food. Haha running to the entrance was by far the craziest thing i've done. If only I had captured that on film, with my hair all blown by the wind! I still felt like a million bucks!

He and I have known each other since 6th grade in middle school! Haha I still remember when he had his gold bangs & when baggy pants were in. Those were the days.

(below) This christmas tree was so big! I think the ornament was the size of my head, literally! I would love to take this home with me! Santa, will you bring me a big christmas tree down the chimney?

This above picture is of amy, jamie, annie, me, kathleen, and sophia!

I snapped a couple of pictures in front of Macys  because they had a couple of really pretty windows! this gives me inspiration to decorate my christmas tree a little nicer :)  I
I must end this blog post with a funny picture! This is KJ in physics! He is trying to advertise for this Mango Juice because hes practicing his commerical look!  He is a great hip hop dancer, if you haven't watched his performance, then watch it below! Have a great night, byee.

- Ally

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Cheer

"So the weather outside is frightful" ... haha just kidding I don't think im gonna break into a song right now.So i took a couple of pictures of the beautiful sunset, or at least what i call the sunsetting in my city, a couple of days ago. Its this really gorgeous rich blue color.

My mom brought home a couple of really cute pretzels that were decorated with christmas cheer! With yummy snowflakes, chocolate, sprinkles, and m&ms. Sadly I already ate the m&m ones so I cant really show that to you guys! I think this company makes some really yummy chocolate covered pretzels!

Maybe I should do a makeup tutorial inspired by these pretzels! they just look too good to eat!

My sister picked up some fake Mac eyeshadow/blush in taiwan. I was surprised by the creamy texture of the eyeshadow and the pigmentation! I actually really love the colors in this small palette. I just wanted to show it to you guys in case I decide to do a tutorial using this palette. Even though its not the real thing, i still think that its a pretty cool eyeshadow. I dont really care about brands, as long as it looks good! and i'm telling you, it looks really good! I'm excited to do a how to: curling hair tutorial, even though I already did one with annie, but you guys requested it! I also wanted to set up a date for BlogTv! I wonder if anyone will show up because I don't think a lot of people know about my channel. Well I hope that you've all been well. Share in the comments what you think about imitation products! I also did my nails today, its something i mixed up at first, a frosty pinkish gold color with black polka dots

- Ally

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Glam Holiday Look & Setting up my Christmas Tree

My tree with the lights off in its glory!

So Last night i finally got to setting up my mini plastic christmas tree! i wonder when i'm finally going to be able to buy a real one. i guess because my parents aren't that into christmas, we might never get one. Like my hat guys? hahah i think it looks really silly and the spring part of the hat bounces! i did a video on me setting up my tree, but i don't think a lot of people will be interested in seeing that.

So yesterday I had a lot of fun filming this Holiday Look inspired by Blair or Juicystar07's "Berry Punch" look found in my Dec/Jan SeventeenMagazine. Its so cool how they are youtubers and they made it to a national magazine! So I did a combination of a purple punch/ red /green/ silver look. I wanna do a couple more holiday looks, but i don't have any cool ideas yet. For the look, i decided to wear my new hat from H&M and I curled my hair with my fav purple flat iron. I got a lot of nice compliments on my hair :) thanks everyone!

- Ally

Sunday, November 29, 2009

An Excerpt from my Heart

"As a bright-eyed young girl, I quickly became infatuated by the exquisite nature of art. I developed the unique ability of manipulating simple objects into beautiful creations. The dusty sewing factory where my father worked sparked the beginning of the passion I felt towards transforming simple fabrics into fashionable clothes. I saw the beautiful potential in the dirty pile of scraps dumped into the garbage bin. When I touched the pieces of fabric, my imagination became endless."

I have been touched by many people in my lives, and I want to take this time to thank them. Thank you for being apart of this journey of self-discovery. I am the luckiest girl for all this support. For that, I thank you.

- Ally

Monday, November 23, 2009

Cutesygirl Haul

I got a haul from! I'll be sure to upload the video soon. For my loyal followers here on my blog, they get a sneak peek on my newest shoes :) I'll update you guys soon! Sorry i've been gone for awhile, i know to me a week feels like a life time!






xoxo - Ally

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Inspirational Quote of the Day

(Vivian and I working hard & painting on a huge canvas for our JR Prom )
I don't design clothes. I design dreams.
-Ralph Lauren

I am currently in love with this quote! The line is so short yet very effective! Over the past couple of months, I have been contemplating the inspiration to my youtube videos. After much thought, I have realized that I am truly happy to inspire woman across the globe to have more self-confidence and fun with fashion. I put myself out there for the world to watch so that maybe even one girl can realize that fashion does not have to be a material, but a form of artistic expression. I make and sew clothes to transform the body into a beautiful masterpiece because it makes me happy. I find a lot of joy after the hours of sewing when i have finally reached my goal. These little things are what gives me passion and drive. I hope that whoever it is that is reading this blog can understand that this is a dream that is attainable if you put your heart and soul into it. This is my dream.

- Ally

Friday, November 13, 2009

Haters on Youtube

So lately, ive been getting a lot of hater comments on my youtube channel. At first i tried to ignore the hateful and negative comments, however, they seemed to grow. i noticed that the more subscribers that i had, the more hate comments i get. I wished that they didn't have to be related but they are. So I've learned to deal with these comments by sometimes deleting them because they attract negativity to my hard worked on videos. I hope that this blog can help others realize that the negative comments are only rare. Those haters are people who have nothing better to do in their lives and hide behind their computer screens with their insecurities! I pity those people for not having someone to care for them. I've heard them all, hate comments, hate messages, hate emails!? When does the list of hatred end. I'm gonna just focus on the thousands of nice and sweet comments because those deserve more focus than the hate ones.
- ally

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Supergirl - Halloween Costume

So i decided to start a series on halloween costumes! I hope that you guys will enjoy them. I'm gonna be doing the costumes for an Angel, Devil, Gretel from "Hansel and Gretel", maybe a greek goddess. Im going to be using clothes that I already own to create these videos. I just want to stress that we do not have to all go out to buy expensive costumes and creating our own costumes from our own wardrobe is quite possible. I want to create videos that are assessable to young girls. through my videos, I hope to invoke self-confidence and body confidence. Love your every curve and everything about you. I hope you guys enjoy my videos.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Fan Brush

ELF Complexion Brush

Swatches in order:
ELF: Duo Eye Shadow Cream in Eggplant(bronzey green, magenta - first 2)
ELF Eye Shadow Quad reversed order right to left

Here are the HQ pictures for the ELF HAUL! Thank you to elf for allowing me to do this review! i honestly think their products are great for their price! they are currently having 50% off their studio line so the original 30 dollars is now 15 dollars for the 11 piece brush set! i love it!
visit to purchase or check out their products! their products range from only $1 to $3!

With Love,

Saturday, October 10, 2009

e.l.f Haul + update

Hey everyone! So i wanted to share with you guys a haul that i received from e.l.f or! I was utterly amazed by how fast the shipping was! It only took a record 3 days compared to the average 2-3 weeks! So I have a photo of the e.l.f studio line brushes and an e.l.f eye brightening eye color in hazy hazel, and a duo eye shadow cream in eggplant. I hope you guys enjoy watching the video that I will post soon. I hope I get some feedback on a couple of tutorial ideas. I will try my best to fulfill your requests =)

So here is the list of products that I received:
(All from
Fan Brush
Complexion Brush
Power Brush
Small Precision Brush
Eyeshadow C Brush
Concealer Brush
Small Smudge Brush
Angled Foundation Brush
Small Angled Brush
Contour Brush

So today I took the SATS nearby my house! I was so nervous going into the classroom! haha i only had one goal, please please please stomach, do not growl! Hahah at least i knew a couple of people from school so i felt more welcome! overall i'm glad its over but i have to move on to ACTS which is coming up on Oct 24! Thats the same date as my senior boat. Hrmm i just realized no one at school did anything super cute to ask a girl to the dance! okay maybe one or two, but i didn't see any posters in the hallways. I really looked forward to see those romantic geisures :) they always make me smile! woo hoo i'm gonna have a lot of fun messing around with the brushes! i really really wanted to do a lady gaga inspired tutorial for halloween but i never came around to it! i can't decide on whether to be a super hero, or just go in a dress. i caught a glimpse of the boat that i'm going to be on! its really gorgeous! i can't wait!!! now to find myself a date!

- Ally

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Go Green Salad!

Hey guys! So i came home from school today and was super hungry! So then i decided to make myself a salad after devouring 1/2 of a moon cake, yum! So i put this salad together with a couple of ingredients if you guys want to make it too ..
- Costco -
1 - Rotisserie Chicken
2 - Croutons, Garlic Flavored
3 - Spring Mix Veggies
4 - Raw Almonds, Crushed
5 - Hidden Valley Ranch ( i wish i had cesar!! )

Farmer's Market
6 - Cherry Tomatoes
Doesn't it look YUMMY ? All in all, i'm fully enjoying this. So senior boat is coming up if i havent already said, Oct 24th! I haven't started looking for a date yet, of course like every single year! I just don't wanna think about it just yet. I don't feel ready to put myself out there to ask someone. OMG yes! Tmr i don't have an inclass essay on Hamlet! Yipeee! Hrm i should go study for SATS since i have it this saturday. I'm trying to resist the urge to make a new video right now. I probably will end up doing a tutorial on how to wear a large scarf =] Have a great one!
- ally

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Favorite Music and Website

I have a new favorite song & website to listen to music! I love to listen to music and Owl City - Saltwater Room! Its so cute!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

D.I.Y Your own Nail Polish!

Check out kathleen's youtube!
omgosh guys! i tried to make my own nail polish and it came out so stunningly! i absolutely LOVE IT! i mixed NYC's sheer french nail color ( a white cream color) with ElF's Seductive, and it didnt turn out so nicely, so i mixed in ELF'S celebrity and it came out in this gorgeous gold color! It looks so expensive! and the pigmentation of the polish was superb! it was so thick and easy to put on. The only downside is that it dried in the bottle cap too quickly before i could apply it onto my hands and toes but other than that, it was AMAZING! check it out guys, and support!
It looks kinda like OPI's Cosmo Not Tonight!
- Ally